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The future development direction of robot vision system

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] The future development direction of robot vision system JDS P articles from the network, more information please click: visual inspection HTTP / / WWW. jiandaoshi。 Com/robot vision system based on skill instead of human eyes, and bionic system design. It is a combination of two aspects, the robot control and machine vision is a very complex system. Modern society along with the computer to process information faster and faster and camera equipment is more and more high cost performance, coupled with the theory of machine vision system is more and more perfect, the visual system in today has become a independent system across many fields. So the robot vision system development prospects will be how? 【 In the actual environment quickly get image characteristics 】 Image processing large amount of information is the visual system to face problems. With the development of the programmable device technology, the hardware, the general algorithm is to speed up information processing method. Combination of such applications in robot vision system is one of the current mainstream research direction. 【 The visual system combined with artificial intelligence] Although neural network has been applied in robot vision system, but a lot of intelligent method is not very good application, but as said above, a robot vision system to rely too much on math, thus processing speed too slow, it is difficult to meet the requirements of system output. And the treatment methods of artificial intelligence, can effectively reduce the amount of mathematical calculation, improve the performance of the system. 【 Combines the visual system and active vision system 】 Active system is science in the robot vision and a mainstream direction of computer vision research. After active vision combined with machine vision can actively perceive the environment, can also actively to extract the need of image feature, this makes it hard for a lot of problem can be effectively solved. 【 Combines the visual system and visual sensor 】 Will join the machine vision system can let robot sensor fully perceive the environment, have the effect of information added to visual system, which can solve many problems. But the addition of sensors is bound to lead to information fusion of visual system redundancy phenomenon, this is what we need to research to conquer. In the rapid development of robot vision system today, many problems encountered in the development has made certain progress, so the robot vision system is widely used with the domestic and foreign each big industry. In the future, the robot vision system development prospects are very broad, perhaps can breakthrough the limitation of industrial field, applied to other areas of various industries.
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