The first cable inspection worker vocational skills contest kicked off

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] The first cable inspection worker vocational skills contest kicked off BSCRM P June 21, the first cable inspection worker vocational skills contest first in east China area qualifying exam held the second match point far east holding group co. , LTD. , from Ann cable and cable, Shanghai, and the name of the jiangnan cable cable test workers took part in the theory exam. East China area qualifier also separately in two other nearby wuxi cable factory, bao sheng cable factory at the same time. This marks a preparation for over three months of the first cable inspection worker vocational skills contest kicked off. The contest will enhance the professional skills of DianLanYe inspection work accomplishment and comprehensive quality, to provide human resources guarantee for the benign development of the enterprise, more arouse the cable the enthusiasm of the employees to be skillful talents, talents for the enterprise resource optimization configuration and implement the innovation of human resources management provides a new way. Before the contest will be held in month end. The contest by China machinery industry federation, China machine and metallurgy building materials trade union council and the ministry of Labour and social security of China employment guidance center, mechanical industry vocational skills appraisal guidance centers and Shanghai electric cable research institute, in collaboration with the national electric wire electric cable quality supervision and inspection center. This is also China's wire and cable manufacturing professional ( Type of work) For the first time in history is listed as a national competition, and national professional in the industry, Type of work) Series are held for the first time. The game is divided into seven regions. East China area ( Including jiangsu, shandong, anhui and other provinces) , east China area ( Including zhejiang, jiangxi, Shanghai, fujian, guangdong, hainan and other provinces and cities) , central China ( Hubei, hunan, henan and other provinces) (in north China, Including Beijing, tianjin, hebei, shanxi, Inner Mongolia and other provinces and cities) , the northwest region ( Including sichuan, gansu, shaanxi, ningxia, chongqing, xinjiang and other provinces and cities) , northeast China ( Liaoning, heilongjiang and jilin provinces) (in southwest, Including yunnan, guangxi, qinghai province) 。 Each region to form with the organizing committee. The competition to build the platform, can effective incentive inspection work improve learning professional knowledge, improve the enthusiasm of the professional skills, the actual test for cable inspection work a rising channel, will make the inspection work more quickly into the advanced worker, technician, senior technician and 'national technical experts' and' mechanical industry skills to master the runway. As well as to cable companies to improve product quality, improve the competition ability, lay a good foundation of talent.
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