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The fast development of wind energy in China

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Xiaoye P for fast development of wind energy in China for sustainable development of energy development in China is in a leading position in recent years, wind power development, the electricity demand for wire and cable equipment has been implemented, wind power and electric capacity are in the top position in the world. Wind power development in China has already started, a long time ago that a few years more to speed up the pace of wind power construction, improve the new energy supply ability of wire and cable equipment. Data show that by the end of the year, China has built several wind farm, distribution in provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions, installed capacity of more than million kilowatts, the world in the first place, in the wind power installed capacity for million kilowatts. In the construction of wind power in China in the next few years, large and super large wind power base will be the development priority. Published this month by the renewable energy development of the eleventh five-year plan ', points out that during the period of '11th five-year plan' around China will focus on building a more than million kilowatt large wind farms and million kilowatt wind power base, gansu, Inner Mongolia and north jiangsu coastal must kilowatt wind power base of the preparation and construction work. At present, China's wind power industry has been one of the top five wind power market in the world, despite the rapid and broad prospects for wind power development, but in the development of supporting policies, equipment manufacturing, wind power grid access, market norms, etc, there are still some restricting factors. According to experts, large megawatt fan has increasingly become the development trend of the global wind energy technology. Wind turbines abroad has now reached a megawatt, mainstream unit is commonly in the United States. Mw, some European countries for more. Mw ~. Mw. Our domestic equipments in the localization of wind power production capacity in kw, kw level, the largest wind turbines is mw, and on the overall design unit technology lags behind that of developed countries. Because our country attaches great importance to the development of new energy, so the effect is quite obvious, in the next ten years can reach the world leading position, to become the world's wind power.
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