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The European Union announced new regulations DMF in strict control

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] DMF in the European Union announced new rules strictly controls pony P the author understands, the European commission recently announced a draft laws and regulations, restrict the use of dimethyl fumarate in consumer goods ( DMF) 。 Draft regulations will be announced by the eu's official gazette days to take effect, and the limit regulations will also be included in the attachment of the REACH regulation no. 17. As a temporary measure, the commission will / / EC instruction extension for / / EU directive and / / EU directive, effective before (date) (month) (year). If the DMF was added to the attachment of the REACH regulation no. 17, temporary restrictions will be permanent restrictions. So, dimethyl fumarate has what kind of application in production? The European Union of dimethyl fumarate by strict restrictions, and how to impact of manufacturing? With these problems, the author visited the famous third-party testing organizations PONY spectrum test, to detect the experts to seek solutions. PONY spectrum testing expert, told me that dimethyl fumarate ( DMF) In the application of domestic products is very broad, it is a kind of stable compounds, easy to volatilize, commonly used in leather, footwear, textiles, MuZhu products such as preservation, sterilization mildew-proof processing in the process of transportation. After the human body contact, inhalation or ingestion will produce stimulation to skin, eyes, mucous membranes and upper respiratory tract and even damage. As a preservative, dimethyl fumarate has been used in the manufacturing industry in the eu, until / / EC directive promulgated. But the directive does not limit imports to the European Union after DMF treatment. As a result, the European Union to take emergency measures, the President decided to adopt / / EC instruction to ensure that goods will not enter or containing DMF in production across the eu. PONY spectrum testing experts point out that, the European Union to dimethyl fumarate ( DMF) The content of limitation. Mg/kg, for has been put on the market or sell in the market of products containing DMF to be recalled, and its resolution control product contains almost all of the eu market products and its accessories, as a result, it will cause bigger effect on the export trade in our country. Therefore, PONY spectrum test experts advise related enterprise need high attention, strengthen product quality management, improve the level of research and development, and strive to improve the process flow, and with the help of the relevant qualification of the third party inspection agencies, actively in terms of product inspection, to ensure that the export products conform to the requirements of the eu DMF disabled, in order to avoid damage.
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