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The eu ban on phosphorus detergent in the member state to reach an agreement

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] The eu ban on phosphorus detergent in the member state agreement pony P members of the European Union recently reached an agreement to ban the use contain phosphate detergent, to end these substances in the washing agent and the use of tableware detergent. The move to the European parliament will vote of all the meeting in the month to do the stage. The European council representative committee ( COREPER) Previously published proposal, request from (date) (month) (year), the phosphate levels in the detergent shall not exceed the PPM. According to the requirements of the ban, phosphate ban will be effective from (date) (month) (year), phosphate in the dishwasher and detergents limited to no more than PPM. Commission will since years according to the consumers to use automatic dishwasher detergent ingredients, as well as any existing or new scientific information, analyze the information from member states. If the eu's executive committee thinks necessary, based on the evidence of this, the eu will draft for review, and put forward legislative Suggestions on (date) (month) (year) will be. Agreement, for the environment, the limit is very necessary, it can reduce the cost of sewage disposal phosphate. Agreement, however, insisted that such a ban does not apply to industrial detergent, because the current is not technically and economically feasible alternatives. The phosphate detergent will what effect to the environment? The author visited the famous with this problem of the third party inspection agencies PONY spectrum test, experts to seek solutions to the related field. PONY spectrum, testing expert told the author: phosphorus is necessary to all living life element, its role can not be replaced by any other nutrients, but also related to environmental degradation, phosphorus mainly containing phosphorus in sewage are released into rivers, lakes, causing eutrophication of water bodies in the biological, so-called eutrophication, refers to a kind of plant nutrition material such as nitrogen, phosphorus content of the phenomenon of water pollution caused by too much. Experts also told me that phosphorus can directly affect the human body to the absorption of calcium, cause human body lack calcium or induce infantile rickets. Also in recent years, China has released a series of standards, and guide the scientific research units and production enterprise research and development of low phosphorus and phosphorus detergent. PONY spectrum test experts are calling for related enterprises, in order to our survival environment, in order to the sustainable development of society, the research and development efforts to develop low phosphorus and phosphorus detergent.
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