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The domestic first to paving heating cable snowmelt

by:AAA     2020-04-20
( Industry news] Domestic first attempt paving heating cable snowmelt jiangnan Wolf P in order to improve the second ring road traffic speed and capacity, alleviate tensions in Harbin city traffic straight street, xuefu road, month of the year, Harbin wenchang street west through engineering. The east urban construction of key projects both in two way street, west to university four street, 2 m. Engineering mainly include across and hing road and horse home under the viaduct, wear ha polytechnic university underpasses, Wen Changqiao is one of the project. The whole project construction viaduct, ramp bridge two, two Bridges, box culvert underpasses, concrete steel arch bridge pedestrian bridge bridge, steel structure footbridge. 吗? 吗? 吗? 吗? According to Harbin city is built appoint key of personnel, as a result of wenchang viaduct is influenced by topography, institution from three street and xing road direction on the bridge approach span too short, lead to approach span and ramp slope is too large. The ramp slope to B. %, Harbin overpass slope before no more than %. Such large slope, if the winter snow is not timely, vehicle climbing will be very difficult. For the convenience of traffic intersection instead could become traffic congestion point. For this purpose, the construction personnel at a cost of more than ten thousand yuan from Denmark, has introduced the electric heating temperature control melting technology, on the viaduct bridge ramp part under the ground of laid a total factor of cables, cable laying to square meters. 吗? 吗? 吗? 吗? At first, the designers wanted to put the whole bridge 'fever snowmelt cable' on the shop, then considering the laying of snowmelt cable 'fever', because of the effect of temperature stress, the deck will be very destructive, serious when can 'break' broken bridge, so, for bridge safety authorities decided to only laid on bridge approach and ramp, nearly meters, the total length of the road meters wide. [jiangnan Wolf in edited]
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