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The development of the domestic DianLanYe compulsory '' '' '' ''

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Essential to the development of the domestic DianLanYe way '' '' '' '' xiaoye P at present China's wire DianLanYe occupies a very important position in the global, and even the world cable production base has been gradually shifted to China, but this does not mean that China has no questions about the DianLanYe, at present the development of China's DianLanYe there are still many unsatisfactory place. Main problem of domestic wire DianLanYe or out on the basic quality of the cable, this is the first need to solve the problem, experts say, cable serious product homogeneity, low technical content, especially the market is filled with a large number of fake and shoddy cable, become the main factors hindering the development of the cable industry. How to effectively solve these problems? Recently, the domestic cable expert advice, to develop high value-added products. Value added manufacturing enterprises is part of the assembly process in the least, and the development design phase of the contrast and sales service sector is the source of value added to produce, among them, the assembly process is located in the curve of the bottom, development, design and sales service at opposite ends of the curve. Domestic cable experts on the concept of 'smile curve' joined the content of the cable industry, upstream of mineral resources and services users become the ends of the 'smiling curve' respectively. Industry experts pointed out that the cable industry to survive in a tough environment, to learn to fit with the value chain in the market the industry chain. Enterprises have the innovative ideas % from users, how to service the user is the biggest problem. Cable companies according to user needs, and constantly develop new products and new technologies. At the same time, but also to the upstream of the mineral resources development, formed a complete industrial chain, thus effectively avoid the impact of rising prices of raw materials. So, for domestic wire and cable enterprises, breakthrough quality is currently the most urgent task, is also a path to promote the development of China's DianLanYe. Learn more wonderful content, please click to view: HTTP / / WWW. bjcmdl。 cn/
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