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The development of Chinese shipbuilding industry big cable industry and usher in a new window

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Chinese shipbuilding industry development cable industry and usher in a new window BSCRM P Chinese shipbuilding industry development cable industry and usher in a new window with the western European shipbuilding comprehensive atrophy, the rise of China's shipbuilding industry, the trend of world shipbuilding center east increasingly obvious. In recent years, China's shipbuilding industry development speed, into the international mainstream shipbuilding market. The main cause of our country shipbuilding industry boom has the following three points: first, we will market prosperity and sustained growth of world trade led global demand in the shipbuilding industry, also contributed to the boom of Chinese shipbuilding industry positive; Second, our country ZaoChuanLiang and in the world shipbuilding market share continuously improve; The third is the shipyard in years and years shipping cycle vertex to order gradually in the years to realize the high prices, lead to industry profit margins increased. China both have a high quality, low cost of labor resources, and have better capital than other developing countries, technology conditions. China's labor costs less than % of the cost of ship, and South Korea and Japan have reached %, so South Korea and Japan shipbuilding greater earnings volatility. The previous two years, South Korea and Japan shipbuilding widespread losses, and restricted by the shoreline resources, industry development space is limited. China is also constantly improve shipbuilding technology, a number of with independent intellectual property rights form begin to enter the mainstream international shipbuilding market. Years, China's independent development capacity of green environmental protection new bulk orders, accounting for % of the world ship market share; China's independent design - super tanker market share accounted for % of the world; China has successfully developed large TEU container ship, and has entered the box class ship the ability to build the market. Date of the National Development and Reform Commission, national defense jointly having officially released the shipping industry for medium and long-term development plan? 吗? - - - - - - ? 吗? 》。 'Planning' to our country shipbuilding industry development direction made clear guidance, will promote the further development of the shipbuilding industry. Specifically, 'planning' in China will focus on the construction of Yangtze estuary, bohai bay, the three major shipbuilding bases of pearl river mouth, the Chinese guangzhou dragon cave shipbuilding base as a key project of the construction of the shipbuilding base of pearl river mouth, to perfect our country shipbuilding industry layout, promoting China's shipbuilding industry structure upgrade, bigger and stronger China's shipbuilding industry is of great significance. In the key construction link bohai sea area, Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta region in the process of the three major shipbuilding bases, will certainly create grow some shipping companies; With the steady and rapid development of economy in our country, the international trade will keep growing. Sea because of its relatively cheap cost, will continue to be the best choice of the international transport, domestic and international shipping market demand for ships will be more strong. The strong market demand and the support of national policy, will drive the Chinese shipping industry into a new stage of development.
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