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The department of defense's new spokesman guo-qiang ren 'debut' reason 'powerful' embodies military style. 。 。

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] The department of defense's new spokesman guo-qiang ren 'debut' reason 'powerful' embodies military style. 。 。 P ', I would like to establish a good working relationship with you, and become the friend, in order to better introduce and explain China's national defense and army building. 'A guo-qiang ren, a regular press briefing, for the opening, as China's defense ministry began his sixth' debut 'of the press spokesman. Minutes to respond to a question, there is no lack of among them sharp questions and sensitive topic. Leisurely, a spokesman for the new one by one, performance, powerful, answer right embodies military style. When it comes to military ties, guo-qiang ren pointed out that a healthy and stable china-us military relations, accord with the fundamental interests of the two countries and two peoples, but also to the peace and stability in the asia-pacific region and even the world, the need to both sides to maintain together. But for the 'China's military strength development leading to us feel a serious threat to' the problem, the spokesman's answer to show the proper energy, 'we fear from the threat of other countries, also won't go to threaten other countries. 'This may be linked to the performance of guo-qiang ren grass-roots experiences in the army. , according to sources with the site guo-qiang ren, a former assistant translation, director, the company commander, director of the political section and so on, and in years served as deputy director of the department of defense news agency. In his view, from the training units at the grass-roots level, the units at the grass-roots level is also more understanding. There are media reports that guo-qiang ren has been involved in military news release work in wenchuan earthquake period of planning and implementation. This time as a spokesman is considered his career in the military news 'recycled reengineering', also make it become the third in China's defense ministry spokesman. In the applause, guo-qiang ren ended his career, a spokesman for the first press conference. Down the release of his performance very modest, will ring, a spokesman for the applause to behind the scenes to support their own team. 'We have a mature team, and it is a mature mechanism, I just stand in the front, can see our whole team work. 'Conference, guo-qiang ren and to come to talk to the media reporter an interview. When asked about how to evaluate your performance 'debut', the grass-roots grew up from the army spokesman told reporters: 'your satisfaction is my satisfaction. 'The Chinese market. 唉。 com
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