The debt crisis is engulfing cable corporate profits

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Debt crisis is engulfing cable enterprise profit cable net P wire and cable industry is the second largest industry, China is second only to that of the auto industry, wire and cable industry output value reached one hundred million yuan, more than one 5 of the auto industry output value. Today, cable companies are in order for to place the order to debt collection cycle, liquidity is squeezed, enterprise's normal production is bright red. For a long time, the cable industry has such a guild regulations, each payment for goods customers to seize cable factory % quality retention money, in the net after operation, to ensure product quality is no problem, the customer will pay the money to cable factory in a timely manner. From the years since the financial crisis, however, cable factory quality retention money is proving hard to not only, but also take on more of the payment for goods. Customer owed money to cable factory, cable factory upstream enterprises have to owe money. This debt relationship has spread to the upstream and downstream of the industry, formed a huge debt. Relevant departments of statistics of the enterprises to provide the relevant data, these companies together, sales of more than $. Of overdue accounts receivable % of the total sales revenue, has reached the, the whole more than two years of overdue accounts receivable, accounts for the overdue accounts receivable /, reached the $. Jiang Xipei ( Weibo) Argues that Banks tightened lending, loan is not so easy to some customers may itself also have trouble, they may money is not enough, so everyone don't also dragged, contributed to today's woes. In addition to the cause of the central bank tightening credit, debt form also weak and incomplete credit system, enterprise credit concept. In fact, for how to set up perfect credit system, solve the problem of enterprise's overdue accounts payable, foreign practices is worth using for reference. In years, Japan introduced the act of preventing deferred payment, pay the stipulated in the contract day, you must pay day. If you don't pay, then administrative departments must go to catch you, just as the civil property disputes. In addition to conclude the laws and regulations, combine the traditional industry and electronic business, is also solve the debt crisis. Because of the e-commerce platform can reduce the intermediate links in the process of trading and repeat the process, make the supply and demand information more transparent. This can reduce cable enterprise purchase cost, to a certain extent, can alleviate the pressure of the enterprise funds, at the same time, we based on the qualifications of cable enterprises, production capacity and integrity index, recommend excellent enterprise for Banks regularly, when these companies appear liquidity nervous, can through the bank credit directly without guarantee for the enterprise, such as to solve the problem of insufficient liquidity. Default payment for goods at present, the phenomenon is very serious, though, not only from the aspects of moral constraint, must be raised to the legal level. Suggested that the relevant departments jointly drafted limit overdue accounts receivable bill, make the enterprise high penalty payment in arrears, fundamentally eliminate Angle more debt. Industry associations should also play a role, build system of credit blacklist, for some malicious to blacklist of companies and overdue payment in arrears, cautious with these remind related enterprise business, promote the development of cable industry standardization and legalization. This article reprinted from cable network of the latest information.
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