The country's first steel tubing construction technology for construction of cable channels

by:AAA     2020-04-16
( Industry news] The country's first steel tubing construction technology, construction of cable channels through atltech P the country's first steel tubing construction technology, construction of cable channels through recently, kv beside qinhuai, nanjing to marina south part line project construction key milestone sex node success, marking the national power system's first use of steel tubing construction process of the construction of the kv cable channels through smoothly. According to the nanjing power supply company, head of the ministry of construction, the original cross river inner diameter is used in the electric power construction. M MPP plastic pipe, although has the advantage of high toughness, but strength is not high, inconvenient operations, and the length of the longest only for m. The construction due to the qinhuai river across the broad river steel tubing used for meters, diameter. Meters, to internal cable have better protection effect, convenient to repair. According to statistics, during the peak summer, nanjing, g network load about million kilowatts. If Qin Huaibin south first, back to send engineering ( Kv beside qinhuai to marina south line engineering) Built in the years before the summer peaks are not put into operation, the status is set to marina south aerial N overload is serious, shall ensure that the project put into operation in the years before the summer peaks. Kv beside qinhuai to marina south line engineering time and heavy task, coordinate along the path to the big workload, banqiao river crossing, wear three bridge in high speed days hub, beside qinhuai xinhe geologically complex areas, such as permanent solution under wear beside qinhuai xinhe using shield technology, cannot meet the years was put into operation target. In order to complete the requirements, summer peaks in nanjing company ideas, focus on several times successively, making the different sets of transition, by asking province company the ministry of construction and the consent of the company development, shipment inspection department, province agreed to after, to determine the final transition plan: the original line of shield segment planning a temporary additional steel tubing + groove tube combined with transition cable channels, and in the years before the summer peaks Qin Bin line one cable laying of the road, the construction of shield segment in the same period, after the completion of the formal schemes, transition cable returned to formal tunnel, transition of channel reserved for use in subsequent production. Kv beside qinhuai to marina south valley kv line engineering since it software in hexi corridor beside qinhuai substation to build his kv substation marina south. The new overhead. New cable tunnel about km and permanent solution. Km, temporary plan of new cable channels. Kilometers. The project put into operation will greatly alleviate the pressure of the zhuhai western power supply network in southern area, ensures the stable movement of the western network during the summer peak. ( Reprint please indicate the article source: British gloria Tony Caledonian cables) British gloria Tony ( Caledonian) Cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai office contact person: ms zou email penny @ caledoniancables. ComSkypepenny_ company website HTTP / / WWW. caledoniancable。 com( Chinese) http / / www。 caledoniancables。 es( Spanish) Facebook:https//www. facebook。 com/CaledonianCablesLtd/
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