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The country hit the block water cable for the power system

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] The country hit the block water cable is the escort of power system w P this year many places across the country have hit by heavy rain, though less disastrous than in flood, but bad influence and damage to property caused by heavy, take for wire and cable lines are covered and forced shutdown of lenovo group wuhan factory, 'from today early in the morning until now, has been to repair the cable. Few people work today. 'Lenovo wuhan factory a staff member said, at present, the factory USES the self-provided power plant power supply, but struggled to maintain office use electricity, but the production line, no one know when can you start, can only wait for cable maintenance message. On Sunday night, lenovo group, senior vice President, mobile business co-president, Chen said the lenovo wuhan factory is surrounded by water, employees are from the factory back to the dormitory area of higher ground, park facilities intact, but ZUK Z online supply temporary shortage due to traffic did not recover. June 21, in the lenovo wuhan factory, though the water has retreated, this is located in wuhan jiangxia district and near the road of four huge park is still in a state of the lockout. The reporter understands, due to the date of shampoo, the factory cable is damaged, although began to repair this morning, but by the end of day noon xu is still in power. Now, using the self-provided power plant struggled to maintain office use electricity, but power remains to be cable repair. When the heavy rain hit we will think, now all kinds of NHYJV WDZNYJV, BTTZ mineral insulated cable fire prevention has been admired, and wire and cable waterproof how do that? Qin Li power cable manufacturing co. , LTD. Is committed to wire and cable production and development for many years, the production of JHS waterproof cable, specialized and more efficient water block water cable resistance, water resistance cable using block water filling paste is adopted widely in the cable industry block water material, mainly composed of base oil, expansion material and additive. Based oil accounted for %, expansion material accounted for %, additive accounted for %. This ointment is high and low temperature performance is good, high water absorption intensity, high speed, large ratio, etc. Expansion block water filling paste is a yellow solid, is through the water expansion to achieve the water-blocking effect, make the cable seal up the gap, prevent water molecules through, have the effect of the seal, waterproof moist insulation of the cable, cable in special environment to block water block water. Fill in different parts of the cable structure of different processes and, in cable seal, waterproof, tide and buffer insulation protection has been a consensus. This block water method to be used in many products, such as the low voltage cable, ship with low smoke zero halogen flame retardant cable, optical cable, paste filling block water basically don't in the crosslinking polyethylene cable, due to long time in high temperature melting gel for liquid, affecting the normal production of crosslinked polyethylene and as such do not use cable expansion block water filling paste. Cross-linked polyethylene insulating power cable, Described. properties cable has been widely used in power transmission and distribution lines, mainly because described. properties of cable insulation has good electrical properties and heat resistance properties. And my company's cross-linked polyethylene insulating power cable is also one of the main products, improve described. properties the various aspects of the cable performance is the primary task, to achieve water resistance performance, we can use resistance water instead of expanding block water filling paste, have the same effect, but can be avoided in crosslinking duct block water filling paste melting, into a liquid drop out of the conductor, into the insulating material, affect production and insulation insulation performance, in order to achieve a conductor lateral resistance of water. General water-blocking tapes in the conductor, the water-blocking effect is also recognized in the industry. Is seldom used in the other process, mainly the winding process to fill the block water paste in the crosslinking cable is insufficient, this also is the advantages of water-blocking tape, can be high temperature resistant, high temperature after also does not affect its water resistance properties. Block water cable is a kind of use of water-blocking tape, if there is water enter the port, the water-blocking tape contains high absorbent powder, can use its absorbent absorbs water, rapidly expanding water-blocking tapes, many times into a gel, forming a wall, to prevent the flow of water, protect the cable. Under the condition of the growing requirements to the environment, the cable resistance water requirements are also improving, like a playground with cable, the river laying cable, submarine cable, Marine cable, optical cable laying and so on have strict block water effect to satisfy the use environment, and don't forget the root, the cable is conductive to use, to achieve in the process of normal, the safety of conductor resistance effect of water is the water resistance cable target, need us to improve the direction. In today's constantly improving the wire and cable fire prevention performance at the same time, the waterproof performance of wire and cable should be quickly followed, has to adapt to the rapid social development of various infrastructure more high quality requirements.
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