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The correct way to store and transport wire and cable products

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] The correct way of storage and transportation wire and cable products SXXLJT P wire and cable products storage and transportation is very important two links, if inappropriate, storage and transportation method can cause damage to the quality of the wire and cable products and affect the safety of use. So, on cable products storage and transportation, what are the items we need to pay attention to? Listed below are for everybody about six aspects of wire and cable storage and transportation considerations: ( ) Deposited on the cable, it is strictly prohibited contact with acid, alkali and mineral oil, and the corrosive substance for sequestration; ( ) Within the warehouse storage cable shall not have damaged the harmful gas of insulation and corrosion of metal; ( ) As far as possible avoid storage in the open air to bare cable, cable tray is not allowed to flat; ( ) Cable during storage, should roll on a regular basis ( In the summer months, other seasons can discretionary deferred) 。 When rolling, we will send the under side of the house rolls up, lest floor be affected with damp be affected with damp rot. Store often should pay attention to the cable head are intact; ( ) Cable storage period is limited to product delivery period, should not be commonly more than one and a half years, the longest do not exceed 2 years; ( ) Transportation and dropped from a height are strictly prohibited in the cable or the cable with cable, especially at low temperature ( General ℃ or so and below) , throw, drop cable will likely result in the crack of the insulation, sheath; ( ) Lifting package, it is forbidden to several plate lifting at the same time. In vehicles, ships and other transportation, cable to use appropriate methods to be fixed, prevent collision or overturned, in order to prevent mechanical damage cable.
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