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The core of the wire and cable manufacturing technology and the biggest weakness

by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] The core of the wire and cable manufacturing technology and the biggest weakness xunmeng P wire and cable manufacturing core technology and the biggest weakness of manufacturing scale and level is the measure of a country ( Or region) An important symbol of comprehensive strength and modernization level. Thanks to the global structure of wire and cable manufacturing industry transfer, rich human resources and broad market space, cable manufacturing industry in China in the past few years has obtained the amazing production capacity, production has more than Japan, the United States in a row, now living in the world. However, the achievements of China's cable manufacturing does not cover it with a world-class gap between cable manufacturing powerhouse. Apart from the certain cable products made in China in terms of quality and safety remains to be set up and improve, is China's cable manufacturing sector as a whole, at present China cable manufacturing is still dominated by medium and low-end products, high-end cable products and high value-added products is still foreign cable giant controlled, such as nuclear power within the containment with high-end Marine cable, submarine optical cable, cable, ultra-high pressure and ultra-high voltage cable products. So, although China has been a lot of westerners wear top hat 'world factory', but in the era of industrialization, the crown is not much value, more is means 'subcontract powers', 'processing' of the great powers. Look at today's world division of labor system, the pyramid is located in the top of nature is the United States, in the formulation and lead the change rules of the world economy; Developed countries of the European Union and Japan and other countries, although can participate in the formulation and modify the rules of the world economy, but sometimes also want to see the face; As for China, although the future is difficult to measure, but in the current international economic situation can only passive to accept the existing rules of the world economy. Economic history of experience tells us that without a strong manufacturing industry, there is no economic power and power. Particularly worthy of our concern, however, is that the Chinese cable manufacturing industry in the foreseeable future will be in the international division of labor in the lower, the whole of China manufacturing enterprise technical force is weak, the enterprise economic efficiency is not high, competitiveness is not strong. A few cable manufacturing enterprises mainly from scale achieves the world-class enterprise standard, if the brand, technology, management, profitability and comprehensive index to measure is still a huge gap with a world-class multinational company. And the lack of independent innovation of the core technology is the largest soft rib of the cable manufacturing enterprises in our country. Current status of development of the cable manufacturing industry in our country is: the industry in some key areas of foreign technology dependence is deeper, a lot of high technology content and high added value products mainly rely on imports. On the core patents in the field of industry, China had been basically; In some key technologies, high technology content and high value-added products, our country most dependent on imports. Alarming is that developed countries are taking various measures to try to control cable manufacturing industry in China. In our country for the destination of transnational investment is most hidden, is also the most dangerous. For a long time, although an influx of multinational company brought in advanced technology and management, promote the employment and tax revenue growth, also activate the domestic enterprises to a certain extent, this is the fact that there is no denying the fact; But there is no denying that another thing is that our country has or is losing control. [xunmeng edited]
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