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The copper market eats cable user picky temporarily reduce profits

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Copper users picky temporarily alleviate Kevin eats cable profits P due to the electrolytic copper prices continue to rise, make the cable companies are in trouble, profit margins sharply shrinking, last only small profit even without business. In the face of this reality, the past critical of cable products is quite strict user, also had to reduce the critical to the product. It is understood that due to high copper prices, has quite a few cable companies no longer accept new orders, but a clear inventory products, many factories are already in production. The quality problem of the copper conductor, has been one of important concern of the user. But, under the current situation, the dosage of the copper scrap increased dramatically, difficult to fully guarantee the quality of the copper rod. In order to meet the requirements of the resistance of the conductor, the practice of factory only through increase the conductor cross section to deal with. However, though the material price is high, thin margins cable factory, but individual users to the factory still puts forward some moment cool overlord terms, the so-called 'integrity agreement is one of the terms of blatant overlord. Cable enterprises hope that users can understand the difficulty of cable factory, pull through together.
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