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The choose and buy cable five a quantity

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Cable five have a quantity of choose and buy when sanewcable P wire and cable of choose and buy should pay attention to the following:, 3 C certification mark. Wire and cable products are national mandatory product safety certification, all enterprises must obtain a Chinese electrician certification 3 C certification, product certification committee on certification or product 'CCC' certification marks instrument on electric power. , power electrical equipment inspection report. Wire and cable as affect personal and property safety of the product, has been listed as key government supervision and inspection, regular manufacturers according to the periodic supervision department to accept inspections. Therefore, the seller should be able to provide the quality inspection department inspection report, otherwise, the product quality is the lack of the basis. And the packing. The packing of the wire and cable products and other products, all products meet the requirements of the national standard of large and medium-sized regular enterprise, the production of wire and cable is very pay attention to product packaging. To pay attention to the packing should be fine when the choose and buy, printing clearly, model complete specifications, the producer name and address, etc. , see the appearance, product appearance of smooth round, colour and lustre is uniform. Products meet the national standard requirements of wire and cable companies, in order to improve the quality of products, ensure that products meet the national standard requirements, on the choose and buy raw materials, production equipment, production process strictly controlled. So, the production of wire and cable products appearance accord with a standard to ask: smooth and rounded, colour and lustre is uniform. And the appearance of the fake inferior products coarse lacklustre. For cabtyre cable to look round, sheath, insulation, conductor closely. And fake inferior product appearance coarse, ovality, sheath insulation strength is low, with the hand can be torn off. , watching a conductor, a conductor luster, dc resistance, the structure of the conductor size accord with national standard requirement. To meet the requirements of national standard of wire and cable products, aluminum conductor, or copper conductors are light, no pollution, thus the dc resistance of conductors in full compliance with national standards, has the good electrical conductivity, high safety. Length and quantity. Length is the difference in line with national standards and fake inferior products mainly intuitive method. When the choose and buy, the length must conform to the plus or minus. M a standard to ask. www。 sanewcable。 Com, in addition, the purchase of wire and cable to consider its use, usually calculated according to the size of the belt electric power wire current, then according to the current size of choose and buy the wire specifications.
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