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The cable can be used in flammable environment

by:AAA     2020-04-19
( Industry news] The cable in a flammable environment can use SXXLJT P ( ) Explosion-proof flame retardant cable, control cable is generally used in metallurgy, electric power and petrochemical industry, etc. Working in industrial and mining enterprises for ac rated voltage ( U○/ U) / V and the following electrical instrument or distribution equipment of signal transmission, control and measurement system. In the general case as follows: the nominal voltage. /。 kV输电线路。 Commonly used product model are: ZRIAKVV, ZRIAKYJV, etc. Cable long-term allowed maximum working temperature of conductor: cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable products ℃; PVC insulated cable products ℃; Low smoke zero halogen flame retardant polyolefin insulated cable or ℃ ℃; Fluorine plastic insulation ℃ to ℃; Silicone rubber insulation ℃. ( ) Flame retardant explosion-proof computational cable: this product belongs to the twisted-pair cable type of cable shielding signal cable and the cable belong to one of special cable electronic computer system. The need for modern industrial construction products, it is widely used in the energy industry, metallurgy industry, and oil, chemical industry and other industrial enterprises and scientific research department of the electronic computer, instruments and meters, all kinds of automation testing equipment, and other information transmission and control system. This cable is especially suitable for computer distributed control system, to transfer production device detection, control, simulation of process variables. Common cable type products are ZRIADJYVP, ZRIADJYPVP, and many other models. This type of cable conductor highest long-term allowed working temperature are: PVC insulated cables for ℃; Cross-linked polyethylene insulated cable for ℃; Fluorine plastic cable for ℃ between ℃. ( ) Flame retardant coaxial cable of the explosion-proof type, explosion-proof video coaxial cable is mainly be used in petroleum, chemical industry, fire fighting, mining, underground video surveillance system, is used as signal transmission connecting feeder. The type of flame retardant explosion-proof coaxial cable of the radio it must be used to separate installation. The cable model products generally have flame retardancy and shielding, its main technical characteristics are: respectively. IASYV series products of characteristic impedance is Ω; 。 IAYV series products of characteristic impedance is Ω; 。 When ℃ the insulation resistance of the cable can't be less than M Ω/km; 。 Flame retardant cable by MT in a single vertical burning test. This article is adapted from 'Shen Xing' cable group website. Click on the 'shenyang cable manufacturer' into the website to read the full article.
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