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The cable ACSR - bond - 720/50 steel core aluminum stranded wire through identification Wire and cable

by:AAA     2020-08-14
Zhong bang ACSR/cable steel reinforced aluminium conductor ACSR by identification to send all the states cable/aluminium stranded wire through the early identification of DHV, China federation of electric power enterprise in Beijing organized technical assessments, the bond wire and cable group co. , LTD developed 'ACSR/steel core aluminum stranded wire' technical appraisal. From China electric power research institute, national grid, north, east China electric power, power cable and the south on the major electric power company 15 experts, composed of expert group, the group company to develop the 'ACSR/steel core aluminum stranded wire and declare the information carried on the earnest, carefully review, in the end,' ACSR/steel core aluminum stranded wire through identification. Expert group of group of companies' ACSR/steel core aluminum stranded wire 'development, product testing results gave full affirmation and good evaluation, at the same time, presents the ardent hope for group co. , LTD.
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