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The Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo became a cable company image engineering

by:AAA     2020-04-22
( Industry news] Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo became engineering BSCRM P cable companies over the years, many large cable companies across the country have to put the products into the construction of the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo site as its image engineering to grasp, also really have a lot of publicity. These two projects are very demanding on the quality of cable products, can enter the factory, aeriform in cable is perfect and reliable quality, its market influence is self-evident. Scale grand Beijing Olympic projects, including power engineering basically has two, a total investment of more than one hundred million yuan: one is the Beijing Olympic action plan for electric power, the time from the end of the beginning until the end of years ago, mainly related to the capital of power grid construction, including: new transmission facilities and has expanded and transmission facilities, planning for more miles of new lines. In addition, will also be on the Olympic park and the major Olympic venues around the main grid transmission facilities upgrading; Another 'engineering', since (date) (month) (year) to (end time, including: the supporting engineering, power grid safe engineering, power grid emergency blanking engineering and power engineering and so on four big engineering, total need new transformer substations, the expansion of the kV and above. Increases in capacity of main substation kva, meet the power grid load to kilowatts is the demand of power supply and the Olympic Games security. The Shanghai world expo project although not as grand Beijing Olympic projects, a total investment of power engineering project. One hundred million yuan, but its influence is huge, is also a cable manufacturer for the object. KV of Shanghai world expo ( Jing 'an) Power transmission and transformation projects and crawl, yellow crossing, see hengjing, Yang high station ( Change) Expansion project such as project approval of the National Development and Reform Commission. A total of five engineering new kV transformer substations, rebuilding and expansion of kV transformer substations kV substation, new kV substation capacity kva, kV substation capacity kva, a total of total investment. One hundred million yuan. The cable products into the key projects in order to improve the visibility and reputation of the enterprise, is a cable manufacturer unremitting pursuit. But, no matter what the Beijing Olympic Games project or Shanghai world expo, the extra-high voltage cables are imported, and into the projects of domestic cable products are still kV and below. All over the country provinces and cities have their own image or landmark project, if we can put the cable products into the project, the enterprise and product publicity can play the twice the result with half the effort. However, should also be noted that these image engineering is very strict with the quality of products.
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