The average consumer how to check the quality of cable wire?

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] The average consumer how to check the quality of cable wire? Sanewcable P now society pay attention to living environment is quiet and tastefully laid out and warm, all the incompatible with visual aesthetic feeling of things hidden, such as pipe wire, hid them in the slot of the wall or floor, looks really beautiful, but you know you have hidden quietly under the ground. In the fire accidents have happened, triggered by fake or aging of wire and cable fire almost as much as half. So how did they fire? Start with the false and inferior production process of wire and cable products. Wire and cable of main production equipment including extrusion molding machine, drawing machine, lettering, spark testing machine, etc. , the production process is relatively simple, so the selection of raw materials are key determinants of wire and cable quality is good or bad. The relevant provisions of the state made it clear that copper wires should use electrolytic copper wire and cable, the purity should be. %, this raw material pull out silk is uniform, and have burnish, while the production of wire and cable insulation materials must be reach national standard used by the APS plastic, regular production enterprises in the selection of raw materials, can strictly in accordance with the relevant provisions of the state purchases of raw materials, combined with the advanced production equipment, testing equipment such as pressure gauge, conductor resistance tester, aging boxes, tensile tester and complete, the production management is relatively reasonable, so the quality of the production of wire and cable products can meet the requirements of the state. Strip away the fake wires, can see the inside of the copper wire and black has been severe oxidation, insulating layer thickness, the wire due to the use of renewable copper, impurity is too high, the conductor resistance exceeds bid badly, when using the conductor carrying capacity will be greatly shrink, resulting in wire overheating, fire. Originally prevent leakage to ensure safety of insulating layer, due to the use of recycled plastic, its tensile strength and elongation at break can not meet the use requirements. When using this unqualified wire, construction installation insulator rupture, appear easily make a charged conductor naked; In addition, with the passage of time or the wind rain, insulator rupture, revealing a conductor, electric shock risk will happen, cause short circuit, power outages, damage electrical equipment and other serious consequences. However, many of these enterprises in the fierce market competition has been eliminated, the reason is that the price can't compete with and inferior of wire and cable. I have ever wire and cable manufacturing enterprises in the province the supervision and inspection, the author found many wire cable factory in check just individual workshops, a shabby house is a factory, the so-called production equipment is only an old crowded molding machine, plus a printing round, some even lettering round all have no, a few children in strip recycling old wires, women are at a side of recycling old transformer, motor, etc. , and put them into a silk, men are sitting near the squeeze molding machine, the nose is burning flame, bundles of wires are made in such a way that a village can have dozens of such wire mill. Produce the owner in addition to the production of wire and cable use inferior raw material, also on the conductor wire diameter and wire length. Bundles of wires on the label mark is M line, the detection of only a few meters. Mm of clear printing on wire diameter, after the examination you never even, some even have a mm; If the user will be bought back, the wire used to need mm line places such as central air conditioning, because the electrical input power is larger, the current through the wire is bigger, the actual only mm conductor cannot afford such large current, causes a rapid heating wire conductors, make its external insulation plastic accelerated aging, and people will decorate wire and cable layout in the wall, unable to see the insulator rupture, there could be a hazard, such as fire, electric shock or short circuit accident and so on. Imagine that produce wire and cable, the cost, of course, much lower than the normal manufacturer, so the retail price also is better than the regular production of wire and cable prices low, some only half of the normal production of wire and cable prices. Not only that they are still in the wire and all kinds of famous brand trademark packaging, into the wholesale market, genuine, good to poor filling, severely disrupted the market order price, harm the interests of the consumers. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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