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The aluminium cable market analysis of formulating the standards in China

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] World aluminium cable market analysis of formulating the standard sanewcable P in recent years in China, especially since years, international market price volatility of raw materials, copper, gold and other precious metals prices rose significantly. Since years, copper from dollars/ton rose to $/ ton, years of economic crisis, and copper from dollars/ton fell back to $/ ton, however, copper prices from $/ ton rose to $/ ton, the first half of year, the international copper prices hit a record high, copper prices over $per ton. As the current inflation pressure surge, copper and have a strong upward trend, and copper in the copper cable cost to % above, make the copper cable dropped in price rises. According to weygand, current copper prices are high, the next six months to a year, the raw materials of copper prices will surely run in high. He said, because the supply of copper depends on copper, limited resources, and WCDMA, LTE technology applied in the global market, and the mobile communication industry rapid development of emerging economies, keeping the strong demand for copper. In the face of rising prices, and unforeseeable future price trend, many cable companies are starting to launch prices cheaper aluminium cable. According to weygand, in terms of raw materials, although the price of aluminum is in fluctuation, but according to the observation of recent years, price changes are relatively flat, and the content of aluminum in nature is very high, he said, 'may say as long as there is the existence of the electrolytic aluminium industry, is sure to have a supply of aluminum, aluminum material price now is equivalent to around a third of the copper. 'There is advantage in raw material supply, not only in terms of manufacturing, the same length of cable, the important is lighter than copper aluminum, usually light %, therefore, in the process of the whole transportation and installation, also brings the effect of energy conservation and environmental protection for the customer. Weygand, however, agree with aluminium cable on the overall performance is slightly lower than that of copper, he said: 'in terms of Ann, to give their product performance, aluminium cable compared with copper cable, have % %. However, Ann is an international brand, copper cable performance is very good, although our aluminium cable compared performance fell slightly, but it and the domestic market on average more than a piece of copper cable, performance can meet the demand of customers. Weygand also introduced other excellent aluminum cable, such as the material is qualitative soft, robustness and high pressure resistance, in cable attenuation of relatively important ways, also in the same level with copper cable. He said: 'most of aluminium cable can be used on all occasions, especially our bellows aluminium cable, performance, and the entire installation and the copper cable is basically on the same level, so we don't think aluminium cable is not applicable in some occasions. '' now, Ann, bellows aluminium cable has passed the including China electronics technology group corporation, 23 Shanghai post and telecommunications and tal laboratory by a domestic authority related institutions such as strict test. 'Weygand points out,' test shows that our wrinkles tube aluminum cables to meet all the technical regulations. 'For the market of aluminium cable application, the weygand, according to South American market and % aluminium cable, using in other countries, large telecom operators such as telefonica, TMobile, Malaysia, O, BT has applied, and accumulated a lot of application cases. At the same time, huawei, zte, alcatel-lucent, Ericsson, nokia, samsung, Siemens, MOTOROLA and other system equipment business has also accepted the aluminium cable products. And he said, is the customer to pick up the aluminium cable, mainly lies in the problem of acceptance, especially in some developed market, the customer is sensitive to the price is not so, the performance requirements are very high. Weygand thinks, aluminium cable is most suitable for the market or those of cost performance requirement and middle-income developing countries. In the futures prices continue to go up stage, aluminium cable price advantage will usher in more and more market space. According to his introduction, the aluminium cable consists of corrugated pipe outer conductor and outer conductor of two smooth wall. Bellows aluminium cable in such aspects as mechanical performance, installation and existing copper are similar, at present, Ann, corrugated pipe of the aluminium cable occupying most of the world's market share and achieve more than %. Such significant achievements, weygand owed it to Ann, the leading position in the market and commercial scale, seamless welding technology is one of the core competitiveness, and the research and development, testing, quality control and consistency of production. For the future of the aluminium cable in the Chinese market space, weygand think it mainly depends on other domestic manufacturers of follow up. Is China mobile, China unicom, he says, is less, the application of aluminium cable way due to domestic aluminium cable of national standards, and less domestic manufacturers to follow up the aluminium cable technology. But the good news is that in this year's communication, many domestic manufacturers has exhibited aluminium cable, can offer aluminium cable manufacturers more and more. According to weygand, China unicom and China mobile, and part of the institute began to formulate relevant standards aluminium cable, the future may be the aluminium cable as a new product introduction. Once published standards, aluminium cable will have a good growth opportunity. Aluminum and copper prices of raw materials in the past year, great changes have taken place, weygand believe, if the price of copper or the growth trend of development, now the price of the aluminium cable advantage is sure to win a very good market share. China cable network HTTP / / WWW. sanewcable。 com
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