The 2007 guangzhou international wire & cable exhibition # 45; - - - - - - - - - - - - The exhibition after harvest

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Guangzhou international wire cable exhibition & #; & #; Exhibition about Michael P harvest years, guangzhou international wire cable exhibition exhibition to the registration deadline: the exhibition site ( The pavilion) : guangzhou jinhan exhibition center of guangdong province approved units: guangdong province product quality supervision and inspection center organizer: guangdong association of science and technology laboratory electronic industry association of guangdong province guangzhou electronic industry association to undertake units: guangdong exhibition co. , LTD. , to support the remit co-sponsors: guangdong province product quality supervision and inspection center test certification country pledges inspect bureau of guangdong province guangzhou electrical safety inspection and the exhibition, exhibition introduction: including a 'guangzhou wire and cable industry conference' will be held on (date) (month) (year) to day in guangzhou. This will be a understand and grasp the world and the development of Chinese wire and cable, fiber optic cable manufacturing and marketing and technical information, and a golden opportunity for technical and business negotiation. Spirit in the field of cable manufacturing to promote technical exchanges, communication, the principle of innovation, 'guangzhou wire and cable industry conference' was the latest progress and prospective cable technology, etc. , experts will give a speech, conduct extensive exchanges, introduction, forecasting, and new technology demonstration. Assembly will become guangzhou cable manufacturing, professional and most influential international technical communication and business negotiation activities of the event. As an effective safeguard, the activity in this exhibition, the exhibitors will be invited to many countries and area, especially the international famous equipment, materials, professional and technical companies directly involved in the exhibition, the exhibition more highlights the high-tech level, they will show the personage inside course of study of the latest and the most representative of cable and wire manufacturing equipment, finishing machinery, special wire and cable, all kinds of raw and auxiliary materials, measurement and control technology, testing instruments and equipment, fasteners, springs and manufacturing aspects of product and technology exhibition scope, cable and wire, wire and cable/fiber optic cable, all kinds of power cable/wire/video/audio line enameled wire line / / bare wire/car data line and all kinds of wire and cable accessories/cable material/computer peripheral line / / car plug the power cord/digital line, etc. , wire and cable materials: PVC/PE/PP material/insulation/block water / / cable with crosslinked polyethylene heat shrinkable materials mixing rubber / / hot melt adhesive/silicon rubber/irradiation crosslinking cable material/cable wrapped around the belt/fiber optic cable filling paste, etc. , machinery and equipment: terminal machine/wire stripping machine/peeling machine, pressure machine/line/playing the transceiver/wire cutting machine, injection molding machine/wire end processing equipment, wire and cable extruding machine/tin machine/winding machine, automatic packing machine/take-up machine/wiring/pay-off machine/cable printing equipment/automatic cable knitting machine wire drawing machine / / client machine, wire enameled wire machine equipment testing machine, etc. Mixing device, measurement and testing technology ingredients/counter/temperature measurement and control equipment/torque control equipment/tension measuring equipment/measuring equipment component/capacity measurement device/transmission and control equipment/process monitoring system/laser measuring equipment/cable measuring device/cremation machine [administrator in edited]
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