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Telecom optical fiber cable burned staff immediately rush repair

by:AAA     2020-04-17
( Industry news] Telecom optical fiber cable burned staff immediately rush repair chenqian P procurement in both our life and work of the cable is widely applied, some easy to pay special attention to in the direction of the accident. Recently, the hot line coming in citizens reflect, jiangning district TaoWu peach a hotel fire in the street, telecommunications fiber optic cable was severely burned, surrounding the mass communication is large impact. The emergency assembly sounded immediately! China telecom nanjing jiangning distinguish company after received the work order, immediately organize senior repair personnel, carry molten fiber machine rushed to the scene of the fire. Fire site is restaurant, flammable kindling is more, and is in danger of tank explosion. But telecom emergency workers overcoming difficulties and dangerous, to restore the communication as the first priority, after firefighters to eliminate safety concerns, telecom staff immediately began to rush repair. After the field survey, the restaurant close to the residential building, fire cause serious damage to part of the wire and cable, maintenance and construction environment is poor, cause huge effort. Branch set up temporary command group, immediately ordered to repair personnel division of labor, accurate repair, on the repair is completed. Confirm your communications emergency workers and the surrounding residents, without rest, put away tools, clean up the garbage will leave pavement maintenance, people could not help but a thumbs-up 'telecom staff is really not easy', 'have difficulty dozen government hotline'!
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