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Talk about the characteristics of flexible fire protection cable - Wire and cable

by:AAA     2020-07-25
Talk about the characteristics of flexible fire protection cable sent to talk about the characteristics of flexible fire protection cable useful flexible fireproof cables, also known as the 'inorganic mineral insulated cable', because of its softer than mineral insulated cable, easy to install the characteristics of the installation, at present is developing rapidly in the domestic. One, the product model BTTW corrugated copper sheathed flexible inorganic mineral insulated copper fireproof cables, rated voltage V. YTTW corrugated copper sheathed flexible inorganic mineral insulated copper fire cable, rated voltage V. YTTWG copper smooth copper sheathed flexible inorganic mineral insulated fireproof cables, rated voltage V. YTTWV corrugated copper sheathed copper core PVC sheathed flexible inorganic mineral insulated fire cable, rated voltage V. DWYTTWY corrugated copper copper sheathed outside the low smoke zero halogen polyolefin sheath flexible inorganic mineral insulated fireproof cables, rated voltage V. Second, the product advantages. Fireproof performance, fire resistance rating not only meet the national standard GB. Class A ℃, min, and can meet the class A ℃ specified in the British BS h; B h ℃; Class C ℃ h test requirements; At the same time, also tolerated in the combustion of water jet and mechanical impact; 。 Continuous long length: single core, or multi-core cable, its length can meet the requirements of power supply length, the length of each row of m; 。 Bigger section: single core cable can reach the mm, multicore cable can reach the mm; 。 Good: flexible cable can be set on the cable, the bending radius D, or less, D for the cable diameter) ; 。 When burning smoke-free non-toxic: insulated with inorganic materials ( Don't burn body) , does not produce any harmful gas when burning, more won't occur secondary pollution, is a green environmental protection products. 。 Overload ability: cable not only carrying capacity is big, and has a large overload capacity. Can according to the wiring, cable surface temperature ℃ or less normally, if the wiring shall touch, also not contact with combustible construction materials, cable sheath can be improved to ℃ temperature, flexible fire when overload long-term working temperature of cable ℃; 。 Corrosion resistance: organic insulating refractory cables sometimes need to wear plastic or iron pipe, plastic pipe aging become fragile, iron pipe is easy to rust, fire retardant cable with copper sheath need not to wear tube, copper sheath corrosion resistance; 。 Shielding performance is good, fire prevention, information and control cable laying in the same shaft, under the shield of the copper sheath, not on the signal, control of wire and cable transmission information interference; 。 Safe and reliable: fire cable to the flame to the normal power supply, starting the fire fighting equipment, reduce fire loss, also special for the personal safety and reliable, its copper sheath is a good conductor, grounding is the best PE line, and continuously to the cable length, greatly improving the earthing protection sensitivity and reliability. 。 Inorganic insulation material high temperature resistant, long service life, and not easy to aging, his life many times higher than the organic insulated cable, under normal working state, the life can reach more than one hundred; 。 Simple installation: flexible fire cable transportation and installation, including installation accessories similar to ordinary cable, is relatively simple; 。 Low cost of installation: flexible fire cable due to advanced production technology, simple installation, under the same conditions the comprehensive cost significantly lower than the cost of mineral insulated cable. Three, the structure forms according to the need of the cable to use occasions, outer sheath can be applied to longitudinally wrap welding, rolling lines. 一个。 Conductor: stranded copper conductors; B。 Insulation: synthetic mica tape; C。 Filling: inorganic material; D。 Sheath: longitudinal welding and rolling lines. 。 Conductor: copper wire twisted; 。 Insulation: high temperature resistant, not burning inorganic insulation material; 。 Copper sheath: longitudinal welding and rolling lines; 。 Outer sheath: low smoke zero halogen materials. Four, scope of application. All kinds of building fire equipment in the power supply, fire elevator power supply, etc. ; 。 Important building or a cluster of buildings in the equipment and lighting power supply system; 。 The environment temperature is higher, such as steel mills, smelting, glass, etc. ; 。 The importance of inflammable and explosive occasions, cases of petrochemical industry, coal mining equipment such as power supply; 。 The place that need special cleaning and hygiene, such as: power supply equipment, such as hospitals, food factory, etc; 。 Important military industry, national defence, aviation, satellite base equipment of power supply; 。 Important equipment of power supply power plants, nuclear power plant.
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