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Taiwan is expected to begin in 345 kv ehv crosslinking cable

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Taiwan is expected to begin in KV ehv crosslinking cable day Hao P Pacific news: according to Taiwan's wire and cable companies, expects in Taiwan can be put into production KV ehv crosslinking cable. At present, Taiwan power company substation use cable including KV, KV, KV and KV, the KV uhv cables for imports, but the island's production KV ehv crosslinking cable is still on the certification, must be years to complete, therefore is expected in the first half can be mass production. Said, KV uhv cables in the island's usage is limited, in the future in addition to taipower orders, hoping to further strive for the export market. Taiwan can produce KV ehv cable manufacturer only big, warom and guangzhou hongtai etc. Several. Although the other it is understood that the development of Taiwan wire DianLanYe in product variety, production equipment upgrade, but in terms of raw materials used, production technology, sales channels and no too big change, for the machining of the domestic consumption industry and mining production orders, product value changed by processing level, the higher the level, the more additional value. Taiwan wire DianLanYe vendor number of home, the top 10 manufacturers to huaxin lihua, too, an international, rongdiantaifu, big, RongXing, guangzhou hongtai electrician, huadian, dashan, ty, main business is to undertake orders for Taiwan power company, which can make only a few kV crosslinking cable manufacturers, most of the vendors or competitive with the conventional products.
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