Synchronous three China power grid

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] Three China grid synchronization xuesong P, through uhv ac grids will link together in north China, east China and central China regional power grid formation of uhv grid synchronization, referred to as the 'three China' synchronous power grid. 'Three China' synchronous grid connection north coal base, southwest hydropower base area and north China, central China, east China load center, covering the geographical area is about square kilometers. Years, the country will form the northeast, '' three China, northwest, south of the four major synchronization of power grid. , advantage of synchronous power grid is refers to the power grid parallel operation of the generator with synchronous power connected, in the same grid pattern running under the rated frequency. Uhv power grid is refers to a kv grid backbone network frame, ultra-high voltage grid and the grid and uhv dc transmission, high voltage dc transmission and distribution network composed of hierarchical partition, clear structure of modern power grid. For uhv highest building backbone network frame synchronization of power grid voltage level is called the uhv grid synchronization. All of communication power generation and power consumption in power system, but also convenient for ac voltage transformation, suitable for different distance and capacity of electricity transmission, synchronous network is the basic rule of power grid development, in technology, the economy has the very big superiority. Mainly include: (1) the power supply structure, strong adaptability to the change of the load distribution and power flow; (2) the grid size is larger, the more connected to the generator, resist the ability of disturbance and fault impact stronger; (3) network loss is small, be helpful for energy conservation; (4) network exchange capacity is strong, can fully get wrong peak, peak shaving, fire and water as spare each other aid, inter-basin compensation, and regulate networking benefits such as we; (5) by the end of the power grid to accept distance, large capacity of foreign electric power ability, the basic pattern of the synchronization power grid in China, north China and central China power grid in China use kv ac network; Northeast and north China power grid through the kaolin dc back to back project implementation asynchronous networking, central China and east China power grid through the gezhouba dam - Occurrence, longquan - ZhengPing and yidu reach - Huaxin HVDC project realize asynchronous networking; Central and southern power grid through the three gorges - Guangdong HVDC project realize asynchronous networking; Northwest and central China power grid through the spi dc back to back project, deyang - Baoji asynchronous networking dc engineering implementation. The formation of the northeast, north China - Central China, east China, northwest and south of the five major grid synchronization. And blueprint to years, is expected to 'three China' synchronous grid with a total installed capacity of about million kilowatts, % of the whole country; Power consumption about whole society. Trillions of KWH, % of the whole country; And eastern North America abroad such as existing large synchronous networks of the same size. To years, state grid formation in 'three China' power grid as the primary side, kv power network in northeast, northwest kv power grid as the main to send end, connecting the large coal base, large hydropower bases, big base for nuclear power, renewable energy base and the main load center, the coordinated development of various grid strong smart grid. After planning and implementation, can solve XiMeng, southeast shanxi and shaanxi, HuMeng, hami, ZhunDong, huainan, such as a large coal base, gansu, MengDong, stake, xinjiang, jilin, hebei and jiangsu must kilowatt wind power base, as well as sichuan, jinsha river, and other large hydropower bases in Tibet power transmission problem, as the central load center of mass to accept outside clean, safe, reliable electricity build strong network platform.
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