Super five classes of self-check report shielded cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-18
( Industry news] Super five classes of self-check report P shielded cable industry in the province market regulator on plans for wire and cable and other key industrial products to carry out rectification. On this basis, the guangdong cable association, the association of dongguan cable according to the articles of association, the reference comparison test of Chinese consumer society, in view of the market to develop super five classes of shielding cable industry self inspections. Association staff to choose cable sales relatively concentrated, high-profile computer city, tianhe computer city from guangzhou, dongguan in the computer city, dongguan DianBo digital city, shenzhen huaqiang north computer city, choose and provide price of five classes of shielded cables, from Tmall, Su Ningyi purchase, jingdong and spell choose sales a lot of super five classes of shielding engineering with cable, another work from introspection is willing to participate in industry production enterprises random samples of super five categories of shielded cable. After visiting the market found: differentiating, businesses will according to the conductor diameter to five kinds of cable products,,,, type, industry standard stipulated above should be not less than five kinds of cable diameter. Mm, not part of the standard, but the default is AWG ( 。 毫米) 。 Merchants, according to the material of conductor cable products, a bronze network cable, oxygen-free copper cable, bronze network cable and oxygen-free copper cable is mainly the difference between the conductor material, oxygen free copper cable cable, copper and bronze cables are oxygen-free copper cable conductor is high purity copper cable, bronze cable belong to secondary and recycled copper conductors, containing impurities is more, the other on the market also have more cheap aluminum copper, aluminum, iron line as similar products sales, business this kind of product is recommended for short distances. Recommended products, businesses will according to the use environment such as need for monitoring power supply ( POE) Recommend better product, the network communication as long as the choice products commonly can. , a lot of products on the market use outdated standards, is the latest communication industry standard YD/T, but many products still use standard YD/T version. , the product that sells on the market less than production enterprise registration information query, businessman says is own registered brands and products, cheaper prices. The special action of purchase and cable testing sample, in the province and outside the province, entrust China mail tunnels school thayer laboratory on the basis of YD/T, IEC ( Equivalent to the national standard GB/T. ) Standards for testing, the quality situation analysis is as follows:, problem, point a: quality problems ( Do not conform to the standard products total) , problem, point 2: brand self-check work in the industry and the phenomenon of 'ample' name or related brand, a product of related to 'ample', all does not accord with a standard to ask. Do not conform to the requirements of the standard production enterprises:, problem, point three: product packaging express standards, recommended products in the domestic market or to perform the domestic standard. Now super five kinds of engineering network cable have corresponding national standard, communication industry standards, most of all, enterprises with the communications industry standard YD/T, some enterprises also developed their own standards, our national standard, industry standard and IEC international standard, industry standard put forward more detailed requirements, and integrated wiring, such as ISO/IEC standard, there is also a part of the supplier may be because the export oriented, do not understand the domestic standard system, according to the integrated wiring or direct reference to IEC international standard, recommended products in the domestic market or to perform the domestic standard. , problem, four points: price, buy samples from yuan price, by experts to provide super five kinds of cable BOM table, the cost of materials yuan, considering the market sales to rise to the yuan, yuan for a low price product, except for special processing product, other normal sales of low-priced products are not up to standard, suggested dealers not sales, consumers don't buy less than RMB products. Super five types of cables attached BOM, problem, point 5: product packaging labeling standards and identify errors with optical cable in guangdong province committee of experts to discuss, according to the test results and the test project weight calculation, score is calculated for each product, analysis is as follows:, the five-star product recommendation, there are serious quality problem, Electrical performance, transmission performance, structure size does not conform to the standards) Self-checking (1) the industry activities, there are two products by product manufacturers to provide full evidence compliance, confirmed that the two products are fake and shoddy products, association will guide with the two manufacturers according to the relevant laws and regulations against fake and shoddy work. (2) the relevant enterprises recall defective products, as soon as possible, please complete the corrective actions, submit A association, association: the circumstances over A and the related information to the relevant government functional departments, B on list 'in guangdong cable industry credit enterprise'; C, self-inspection of the follow-up industry, focusing on work. , four products, the following product gap before five stars, and the hope that enterprises, strive for next time self-check activities become a five star product, the minor problems of products, product packaging labeling standards and identify errors solemnly declared: the special operation is the guangdong association of cables the fourth time this year to carry out the self-discipline practical work, based on the comprehensive evaluation of randomness, the evaluation results of the present report is responsible to sample only, only responsible for the comprehensive evaluation, it can not be fully reflect market, producing and selling enterprises all the truth. If there is a mistake or question, please contact I will, I will actively improve work method to advance the guangdong cable quality and brand evaluation of objectivity, impartiality, scientific, and sustained, in-depth and more powerful self-check work the development of industry, the purpose is the fake and shoddy, thumb up, quality brands and enterprises implement guangdong cable industry development, the high quality for the construction of a large bay area of guangdong to make due contribution to the industry association.
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