Super battery charge can realize eight minutes traveling thousands of kilometers

by:AAA     2020-04-08
( Industry news] Super rechargeable battery can realize minutes traveling thousands of kilometers globledata P is called a 'super battery' graphene polymeric material battery, may achieve the electric car it only takes minutes to charge can travel thousands of miles. For sale of electric cars on the market, the domestic some small electric cars, most of the range just stop at km below the level, even if the performance is the most powerful tesla ModelS, with its high version can achieve maximum range only kilometers, about half of the conventional cars. Coupled with the charging time is too long, it is hard not to let the owner to develop 'range anxiety'. The industry has been looking forward to the emergence of the 'super battery' to change the status quo of the distress, graphene may be able to provide a viable answer. Years before the birth of graphene is currently one of the most thin known material, only a carbon atom thick, and excellent performance. As an electrical conductor, it has the same excellent electrical conductivity, and copper as heat conductor, it is the effect of thermal conductivity of any other materials are all well. If you use this material to make batteries, battery weight can theoretically than traditional lithium-ion batteries by half, thickness also shrink substantially, several times higher storage capacity, and according to the United States at rensselaer polytechnic institute, the researchers estimate graphene than is commonly used in lithium ion battery anode materials faster times of graphite anode. Such graphene 'super battery' spend minutes to charge can travel thousands of miles can become possible.
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