Summary of wire and cable waterproof skills

by:AAA     2020-02-24
Everyone knows that Cable water is a very serious problem. Sometimes you think you have done a good job of waterproofing, but the cable is still flooded. So how does the cable enter the water? Next, I 'd like to introduce the causes and Countermeasures of cable inflow. 1. Storage: the two ends of the newly bought power cable are sealed with plastic sealing sleeves, but after using a section, the rest is wrapped with plastic paper and the outside is tied with a rope, the sealing is not good, and the water vapor will seep into the cable after a long time. 2. During cable laying: During cable laying, the cable head wrapped in plastic paper will sometimes be immersed in water to allow water to enter the cable; In the traction and threading, sometimes the outer sheath rupture phenomenon. 3. After laying: The cable head is not made in time, so that the unsealed cable port is exposed to the air for a long time, even immersed in water, so that a large amount of water vapor enters the cable. Now that I know the reason why wires and cables are flooded, is there any rescue measure? At present, as far as I know, there are no remedial measures but prevention. There are several small suggestions and methods to prevent and reduce cable inflow. 1. The cable head should be sealed with the sawed cable end. Whether it is stacked or laid, a special cable sealing sleeve should be used to prevent moisture from infiltrating. 2. Cable head shall be made in time after wire laying. Strengthen the management of cable head manufacturing process once the cable is flooded, the first breakdown phenomenon is often the cable head, so the wire head is well made, which can prolong the overall life of the cable. 3. Long cables use several long cables in cable branch boxes, each of which is about three thousand long. For such cables, in addition to making intermediate joints, one or two cable branch boxes are also used, once one of the cables is flooded, it will not spread to other cables.
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