Steel electricity in the 'spring and autumn period, and' pack age

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Steel electrical contractor in the 'spring and autumn period, and' pack age globledata P & lt; Div id = 'articleBody > black ants cable network: day, baoshan iron & steel took to harden, and drive more than iron and steel stocks sharply higher. Baosteel leads the main fuse, iron and steel shares rose from Sunday night company issued a notice, and the controlling shareholder of baosteel group company jointly established service platform, 'net' do steel electric business platform. It is understood that the current baosteel in electric business platform of the average daily turnover of nearly ten thousand tons, ninety percent come from external customers, platform trading break through ten thousand tons, year-on-year growth %, plan annual volume of ten thousand tons, achieve the goal of annual volume of ten thousand tons. Early on in the Internet just started the busy time, baoshan iron & steel investment Oriental steel is under the concept of 'electronic commerce' arises at the historic moment, the departments responsible for baosteel's e-commerce sites and the construction of the relevant industry e-commerce platform. Later, the dominant baosteel on direct marketing channels, began to consciously requires sales department when signing a contract with big customers, advising clients to order by 'Oriental steel online' and transaction, then the trading amount of Oriental steel began to rise year by year. Baosteel has before including the third party platform, and a number of listed companies in iron and steel enterprises and traders in steel electric business platform, in the traditional steel trade business difficult to do hard to earn money at the same time, steel electric business began to be popular, total more than home. Although most of the platform there is no money, no capital has aimed at the BB electric business niche, money has hit the market. At present most of the iron and steel electric business platform are input is greater than the output, 'no money' stage. Because in the present steel electricity business model, one important ring in the middle of the trading link is basically free of charge, and the platform to attract more customers, need more effort to promote, and constantly improve the technical support. Of course, not all of the electrical steel manufacturers can endure the day to profit. Promotion department, ministry of information industry, deputy director of the Dong Baoqing is expected, steel electricity is at a 'spring and autumn period, and pack up, and with the development of the industry, the resources will gradually focus on seven male' 'the warring states period, Chinese New Year again, perhaps only the industry platform. More information please pay attention to the HTTP / / WWW. globledata。 Com article collections on the Internet, if there is any infringement, please contact customer service & lt; /div>
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