State grid 'twelfth five-year' investment increased to 2. 55 trillion

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] State grid 'five-year' plans to increase investment. Trillions xuesong P in date of smart grid and uhv BBS, its energy research institute of authoritative experts said, the state grid will invest about during the 'twelfth five-year'. Trillions of used in the power grid construction, there will be one hundred million yuan investment for uhv grid lines, one hundred million yuan for distribution network line investment, other covenant. One trillion yuan for other voltage grade of power network investment. And during the period of '11th five-year plan', its limit is only for power grid investment. Investment of one trillion yuan, 'twelfth five-year' grid promoted %, compared to the same 'overweight' will drive the uhv power grid construction and smart grid related equipment market increase greatly. Uhv and distribution network equipment is expected to be heavy sources, 'twelfth five-year' period, our country uhv ac power grid investment will reach one hundred million yuan, the intelligent investment will reach one hundred million yuan. For uhv planning, 'twelfth five-year' period, the state grid will be around north China, central China, east China load center, built the 'three hua' synchronous power grid, based on 'three China' by side, the strong kv in northwest China, northeast kv power grid to send the three synchronous power grid. To the year, 'three China' will be built uhv grid synchronization 'three vertical and three horizontal' space truss structure. A completed and put into operation for HVDC project. China xd's officials, said in an equipment is represented by the traditional transformer competition is intense, the signs of decline in gross margin. Among them, the kv and below level of transformer equipment appeared a serious surplus, but the kv and above voltage grade equipment does not exist the problem of excess production capacity, the prospect of the uhv equipment is very promising. In the field of uhv equipment, with high-grade transformer as an example, the domestic market mainly by change especially electrician ( ) , China xd ( ) , chongqing a few companies such as ABB transformer company account. The big securities Ye Xuchen electrical energy research center chief, said to be sure, with the power grid enterprises for intensifying the construction of distribution network, the capacity of the distribution network automation equipment market in China and development space is very big, of course, this equipment in the field of enterprise concentration is high, the domestic main competitors are r (ranks ) , Xu Ji electric ( ) , Oriental electronics ( ) , sifang co ( ) And integrated into electronic ( ) And so on. An intelligent equipment into the development direction for the planning of the intelligent, intelligent planning include power generation, transmission, substation, power distribution and utilization, scheduling a link and information communication platform, has been clear about the each link and communication of information platform specific development goals and key project construction plan, informatization, automation system of the 'twelfth five-year' period, interactive levels would increase greatly. Intelligent substation, for example, intelligent substation to capital market the main investment space is electronic transformer and an intelligent equipment project inputs. Ye Xuchen said, a intelligent device is one of the development direction of power system, an intelligent equipment including intelligent circuit intelligent, intelligent switches, intelligent switchgear, box-type substation, an on-line state detection device, etc. For the intelligent power system and intelligent electric meter terminal, smart meter terminal market scale in more than ten thousand each year; At present domestic major manufacturers have Wilson electronics, electronics, lu vitelic holdings, Xu Ji electrical, etc. In the field of power quality monitoring and control system, the current production areas are mainly RongXin shares ( ) , siyuan electric ( ) , once the industrialization started, is similar to that of the practitioners on the technology platform, such as electric institute, China xd group, etc all have the ability to quickly to the market. Source: 'the net ( www。 indaa。 com. cn) ”
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