State grid photovoltaic power station of low voltage through the scene test platform is built

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] State grid photovoltaic power station of low voltage through the scene test platform built sanewcable P (date) (month) (year), China's first used in the detection of photovoltaic power plant low voltage across a field test platform - — The national energy research and development of solar power, The experiment) Center, in its electric power research institute. The platform with completely independent intellectual property rights, is currently the world's most advanced for field test of low voltage photovoltaic power station through the performance of the device. Low voltage through the test platform is used to test pv power plant low voltage across a large test device capable of photovoltaic power station in the grid to field test abnormal case uninterrupted interconnection ability. The platform to the rated capacity of no more than kilowatts, access for kv, kv voltage level or kv photovoltaic power plant or unit module provides low voltage through testing services, to meet the world photovoltaic power station grid guideline for low voltage across the different requirements of the test. The adoption of advanced high-power power electronic technology, the platform can be more real, more accurately simulate the operation condition of the power grid transient fault occurs. Platform adopts the advanced modular, portable design, and to optimize the overall structure and installed in four standard container body, can satisfy the standard of highway transportation, and can be flexible configuration according to site condition. The container body with seismic, sound insulation, heat insulation, fire prevention, anti-collision, electrostatic and electromagnetic interference prevention function. Box body through high and low pressure fast plug and standard communication interface between power and signal lines connected, easy installation and disassembly when testing, improve the quickness, reliability and security of the test. http / / www。 sanewcable。 com
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