State grid grid across the transmission capacity with 88% in 2014

by:AAA     2020-04-05
( Industry news] Across national grid in power grid transmission capacity with the increase % heibaocjp P years, state grid area uhv inter-district inter-provincial transport capacity million kilowatt hour, year-on-year growth %, further play out in the eastern haze on clean energy development and utilization of the west and the governance role. Years, our country uhv into a new stage of overall acceleration, large-scale construction. Fuzhou, as in the north of uhv ac, xiluodu, hami south west zhejiang zhengzhou uhv dc projects are put into operation, our country has built up 'three/four straight' uhv project. Meanwhile, huainan Shanghai, nanjing XiMeng shandong uhv ac, east ningxia uhv dc engineering construction in zhejiang province. According to statistics, in the uhv line, substation (under construction Converter) Capacity of more than. Thousands of kilometers and. Hundred kva ( Kw) , accumulative total of more than million kilowatt hours of electricity transmission. The construction of the uhv directly promoted the western region development and utilization of clean energy. In flood season, only after, jin su, bing Jin Sanda uhv dc lines, to the east China power kilowatts, year-on-year growth %, given the southwest water and electricity million kilowatt hour, year-on-year growth %, record highs.
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