State grid company promotes the development of new energy white paper: accelerates the development of new energy in the future

by:AAA     2020-04-10
( Industry news] State grid company promotes the development of new energy white paper: the future of new energy development accelerated Shanghai electric cable research institute of Shanghai electric cable research institute heibaocjp P show exhibition & lt; DIV风格= '显示没有' id = = profile_container js_profile_qrcode类> < DIV class = profile_inner> Shanghai electric cable research institute show WeChat ID XianLanZhan function of welcome attention from Shanghai electric cable research institute @ cable on exhibition. On line by the service industry more than 50 years, spread to new ideas, the exchange new technology for cable industry, spare no effort to build and expand the cable manufacturing at home and abroad show, information, trade and cooperation platform; Long cable wire at home and abroad and relevant professional academic conference, sponsored by the international and domestic cable wire related exhibition & lt; / DIV> < / DIV> < DIV id = js_content class = rich_media_content> Wire Show cable on sif forum, the state grid company promotes the development of new energy white paper published in Beijing. SGC Zhang Zhengling news spokesman said that as of end of state grid corporation has built new energy grid and send out line thousands of kilometers, including wind power. Thousands of km and solar power. The next year will build kilowatts new energy grid project, wind power has a new scale kilowatts, guarantee years ago kilowatts installed photovoltaic generation (dg). According to a white paper points out that our country has become the largest global wind power, photovoltaic power generation of the fastest growing countries. Grid wind power, photovoltaic power generation capacity in China broke through million kilowatts, nearly hundred million kilowatt hour capacity throughout the year, the equivalent of a moderately developed provinces of annual electricity consumption. White paper, according to data released by the end of the year, accumulative total investment of one hundred million yuan, state grid company ~ years, build form a complete set of new energy in the province to send km of the project, the construction of new energy interregional transmission channel km across the province, which was built in xinjiang and the northwest provids the second channel networking kv, hami south - zhengzhou - kilovolt HVDC project, construction XiMeng ~ shandong kilovolt high voltage engineering, east ningxia - zhejiang - kilovolt HVDC project and other new energy supporting interregional transmission channel. Zhang Zhengling said the operation is the important guarantee to realize new energy efficient given. Seriously implement the state grid company full of affordable purchase policies, establish new energy priority scheduling mechanism, perfect the supporting system for the new energy resources scheduling, mining province given potential fully, actively promote cross-regional inter-district given, constantly raise the level of new energy given operation. Our country 'three north' area power structure is given priority to with coal-fired thermal power, heating for its high proportion, winter heating season and superposition of wind power on Tuesday, lead to the contradiction in parts of wind power given. State grid scientific arrangement of dispatching operation mode, maximum limit using thermal power peaking capacity; Make full use of the pumped storage; Actively promote energy alternative, implement wind power heating. 'has built the first domestic specialized for wind/photovoltaic power prediction of numerical weather prediction center, national power grid wind power prediction cover windfarm, forecast accuracy % above; Wind power automatic control system, realizing a complete coverage of 'three north' area wind farm. 'Zhang Zhengling said. White paper data statistics, as of the end of the year, the state grid scheduling a range of wind power installed capacity reached kilowatts, capacity to achieve kilowatts, grid-connected photovoltaic (pv) within the distributed photovoltaic cumulative interconnection, accumulative total grid capacity million kilowatts. Zhang Zhengling said in an interview: 'the state grid will start working in construction XiMeng nantes to shandong, stake to tianjin high voltage engineering, jiuquan to hunan, east ningxia to zhejiang, XiMeng ~ ~ shandong, shanxi and jiangsu, jiangsu, Shanghai temple uhv dc interregional transmission channel of form a complete set of engineering, such as new energy, accelerate the Zhang Bei ~ ganzhou uhv project prophase work, etc. Promote the 'three north' area of hebei province FengNing, jilin dunhua, heilongjiang waste valleys, shandong whedon, river bank Mongolia in shandong and shaanxi ZhenAn mountain pumped storage power plant construction. Construction of fujian xiamen flexible HVDC project such as a new energy innovation demonstration project. 'white paper forecasts that the future wind power, solar power will keep rapid development. 'Three north' area is still the key area of future wind power development in our country, in the local given will account for %, cross-regional inter-district given will account for %. To implement a new energy large-scale development and utilization in our country, the need for the current outstanding problems, from three aspects of power supply, load, power grid, more measures simultaneously, improve power system given ability, promote new energy faster and better development. ( Source: xinhua) < /DIV>
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