Standard cable cost accounting, work in society, in the enterprise in the industry, win!

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Standard cable cost accounting, work in society, in the enterprise in the industry, win! Kuchen P wire and cable branch of China electrical equipment industry association, vice secretary-general of Shanghai electric cable research institute, minister of industry work ZhangLiMing market economy condition, product price and the cost is the most sensitive signals, is also the important indicators of business operation and management level. Regulating the industry the main purpose of the price and cost, in order to make the market competition gradually return to rational, create a more fair and orderly business environment, and supported by the government and the user's identity, improve the image of the industry as a whole and enterprise competition ability. Last year, and China's mechanical and electrical wire and cable industry association to carry out the wire and cable prices on products price monitoring work, there is a backbone enterprise actively involved in the monitoring system, and to the society regularly released the price monitoring report. On this basis, this year to start the 'wire and cable key product material cost accounting project', make cost calculation 'material' and 'market price monitoring' form of two parallel lines, further integrity constraint market competition, to build industry, to promote the healthy and continuous development industry is of great significance. First of all, the standard cost accounting, is an event in industry. Conference this year in industry, wire and cable branch to lead the industry she, called for the industry and enterprise common action, and to develop self-discipline and reshape the industry image, strive for the government's strong support and cable users understand and cooperate with, gathering the positive energy, promote sustainable development of the industry. This is cable industry 'the strongest', also 'its' industry to build the good faith. Is in excess capacity, especially in the current industry slowdown, under the background of the transformation and upgrading, we work in price surveillance and cost specifications as the breakthrough point, guide the industry level gradually to the reasonable price, high quality products and advanced production capacity are protected, backward and low-priced dumping lose market, so as to promote the optimization and upgrading of industrial structure, promote the enterprise quality and development, to promote China's wire and cable industry to speed up on the development of 'from large to strong' orbit. Secondly, the standard cost accounting, is to win in the enterprise. Affected by the current macro market environment, industry transformation is in management innovation, the development of 'labor', some companies even to the point of struggling to support or sustain. Market reversed transmission enterprise transformation, cost management, there is no shortcut, only through cost reversed transmission, digital management, budget, authors efficiency, enhance competition ability, building good faith honesty, sincere service, quality products of brand image, to achieve greater development. Many backbone enterprises in cost management has made the beneficial exploration, and actively participate in industry project cost accounting, both for the industry to develop a set of scientific material cost accounting standards, and provide enterprises with a 'management for standard' reference, through the interaction between industries, than learning to catch up with, further build cost control, management, and promote the innovation of good atmosphere, thus promote the industry as a whole management level of ascension. Again, the standard cost accounting, is work in the good of the society. Earlier this year the State Council issued 'the program for the social credit system construction, the whole social credit system construction has been promoted to national strategic height, this requires manufacturers, users, government tripartite joint efforts. On the one hand, to maintain integrity self-discipline cable manufacturing enterprises, to carry out the lawful, fair and orderly competition; On the other hand, the need for the government and users to understand the actual circumstances of the cable industry and the reasonable demands, and the market bidding, aspects and so on laws and regulations, making major decisions, make effective improvement. Cable industry in the aspect of credit system construction has carried out a lot of work, as the price of the product monitoring and in-depth development of cost accounting project, cable products structure, cost price gradually become transparent, will provide high-quality, high-performance products encouraged, no room make the fake and shoddy, malicious competition behavior, further improve the user agreement and industry credibility, gradually formed the development of win-win situation. We believe that through the industry enterprise jointly participate in the design of wire and cable products material cost accounting, will be able to providing scientific reference for enterprises' reasonable control production costs, to provide decision-making consultation for government departments, provides a valuable service to the user.
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