Spring don't let the kite flying on high voltage power lines

by:AAA     2020-04-09
( Industry news] Spring don't let the kite fly high voltage wire zhdljyw P & lt; div【> The cable network news 】 With the advent of spring, people began to keen on outdoor activities to fly kites. However, some citizens is flying a kite, not to avoid power lines, and often cause electric shock accidents in power line down the kite, very dangerous. < / div> < div> < / div> < Div> it is understood that some of the kite making material is conductive, if the air is humid, kite line will also be conductive, once the high tension line very close contact with power lines or distance, high tension line through kites and kite line of high voltage into the man, can cause danger to the person. Electric power equipment and conducting objects, such as high tension line and can produce discharge distance too close, if the kite line of hang on the wire, plastic sheeting is the wind, the wind on the adjacent high tension line, cause electrical wiring short circuit, thus line tripping caused power outages, not only damage the transmission equipment, and affect the normal social and residents. < / div> < Div> the power facility protection ordinance in paragraph 3 of article 14: 'any unit or individual shall not be in the overhead power line kite wire meters on both sides of the area. 'Recently, its power supply company often organize staff in square flying a kite near the power lines where people focus on patrol, to explain the dangers of flying a kite in the high tension line attachment, dissuade citizens kite flying away from power lines, to prevent electric shock accidents caused by kite winding wire. < / div> < Div> for more information please pay attention to the cable network & lt; /div>
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