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by:AAA     2020-04-24
( Industry news] Spectrum test group szpony P in violation of the Reach regulation, China toys have been recalled, the eu customs bulletin, the slovak recalled a batch of toys from China. The recall of product model for TS, mainly made from PVC doll and a pony. This doll has fiber made of hair and clothes made of textile material, and the green pony toy mane and tail of a horse made from fiber. Were recalled because of chemical products, because the plastic contains its weight. % of DEHP, far beyond the limits prescribed by the international. To understand relevant situation, the author specifically through the hotline, contacted the international well-known testing institutions, PONY spectrum test group, to the experts for advice. PONY spectrum, the test group, experts say, according to the relevant regulations of the Reach regulation is forbidden to add DEHP in the toy. Recently, in addition, experts say, due to the strictly enforce the eu Reach regulation, a large number of products made in China is the eu customs recalled because of violation of Reach law, refine is widely involved in the field. PONY spectrum, the test group of experts also remind the general foreign trade companies, professional testing institutions must go to counseling and testing, in order to avoid unnecessary loss. The eu on Chinese doll warned consumers (date) (month) (year), the European commission non-food fast early warning system ( 库) On chinese-made toy doll warned consumers. This case report to Slovakia. Notification involves toys for TS, is made from PVC. The content of the plasticizer DEHP in the plastic parts of the product more than the standard limit, do not meet the requirements of eu REACH regulation, chemical danger. At present, relevant parties has the initiative to stop selling the product. To learn more about it, the author specially to dial the hotline, and contacted the international well-known testing institutions, PONY spectrum test group of experts on the consultation. , experts say, is a comprehensive international strongest, most influential of the rules and regulations, and also of the REACH regulation is the eu's executive one of the most strict regulations on imported consumer goods. The consumer warning issued also shows our country exports to the eu countries are consumer goods has large were found to violate compasses. Therefore, PONY spectrum, the test group of experts suggest that the relevant domestic production and export enterprises should be attached great importance to this, to the testing institutions with international credibility for consultation and make products inspection work of the REACH regulation to avoid the occurrence of such events. Spectrum test. jpg
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