Special-shaped wire drawing process reduces cost of aluminum alloy cable

by:AAA     2020-04-02
The special-shaped wire drawing and twisting process has strong universality, and small and medium-sized enterprises can upgrade their products through this process. On April 8, 2015, Fang Jianyin, general manager of Wuhan vertical cable mould Co. , Ltd. , attended the 2015 wire and cable industry summit forum--Said on Henan station. In addition to its strong universality, Fang Jianyin also introduced five features of cost reduction when this process is applied to aluminum alloy cables: first, with the same specifications, the outer diameter of stranded conductors of special-shaped wires becomes smaller, which can save insulation materials; The filling coefficient of stranded conductors of special-shaped wires reaches 0. Above 98, the outer diameter of conductor of the same specification becomes smaller; Second, compared with cables of the same model and specification, the outer diameter of the finished product is smaller, which can effectively save the consumption of wrapping tape, armored tape and sheath materials; Three, special-shaped wire stranded aluminum alloy conductor surface smooth without burrs, small gap between single wire, extruded insulation in the Spark test or withstand voltage test breakdown probability is small, applied to 10- The partial discharge on the 500kV cable conductor is small, which can greatly improve the quality level of the enterprise cable, make the product quality more stable, and improve the one-time pass rate of the product, reduce potential product application quality problems and after-sales service costs; Four, the same specifications meet the national standard GB/T3956- 1997 The minimum number and resistivity of 2nd kinds of stranded conductors are required. On the premise that the number of special-shaped single wires is small, and the single wires required for production of the same specification are less than those of circular tight structures, which can improve production efficiency; 5. The stranding traction is small and the production speed is fast; The twisted special-shaped wire only needs to be shaped by a plastic mold instead of a circular compressed cold drawing. Small traction during twisting can improve the production speed and effectively reduce the delivery cycle of the enterprise; Take 13-die high-speed sliding wire drawing machine and 54-plate frame winch as examples: the drawing speed of special-shaped wire can reach more than 10 m/s, and the twisting speed can reach more than 25 m/min.
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