Special cable market supply and demand and development

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Special cable market supply and demand and the development of special cable market supply and demand and the development of special cable BSCRM P is not a professional vocabulary, currently some enterprises use Marine cable, vehicles, aerospace fields with cable and cable plant with cable, etc. , are collectively referred to as special cable, no matter referred to as' special cable 'or' high-end products, a tendency, publicity, in fact, the development of the product, must conform to the market rule. Cable industry's 11th five-year plan started to research, 'five years is a short period of time, countries consider long-term planning is fifteen years, time limit shall also consider the cable industry 15 years. These 15 years, the state of shipbuilding, railways, aircraft, aerospace and nuclear power development in the field of vision has been basically clear, need the variety and quantity of the cable is roughly bottoms, as for the problem of maglev train, countries have not yet publicly the result of the comprehensive technical argumentation, it is can't predict. Since the market shows in each of these areas, also appear very quickly heat cable products development. The characteristics of wire and cable industry in China, over the years can be summarized as the following: in the machinery industry, cable industry behind automobile manufacturing industry according to the second; China's current cable is about to billions of market; In the production of wire and cable factory about several; General overcapacity of wire and cable products is high; In the process of competition, the factory had to hold down costs in various aspects; Low cost inevitably reduce product quality; Most of the cable product profit margins have low to the point of it is hard to bear, part of the special cable varieties, there are still certain profit space, thus become the object of development and investment. Above all of the domestic enterprise management, it is not uncommon, like the palm of his hand. From another perspective, the current domestic most medium-sized enterprises, production equipment, production efficiency, management mode and quality, etc. , there are quite a gap compared with advanced foreign enterprises. Fifteen years later whether cable industry still pause in this kind of situation, whether to have ability to compete in the global DianLanYe, it is worth studying topic. To change this situation, cannot leave the enterprise reform and investment. Domestic investment projects program before, first determine the plate size, see the menu, and then to plate size choose the project. If the project has conflict with national policy, as far as possible avoid them. This kind of practice is not according to the market economy, is not planned economic guide, the result is rush, redundant construction and excess capacity. Private economic investment program, now basically correct the previous practice, but because of the strength is not strong, plus land lease, macro control, austerity and risk factors, such as the private economy to have big is still very difficult. Although foreign entrepreneurs do not understand the internal details of marketing in China, but according to the analysis of China's overall development, think and explore possible Chinese cable market. Many foreign companies according to the information about China's cable industry for years, analyzed how to occupy the Chinese cable market foothold, before the investment decision-making, hire a professional targeted research and write reports, research report is just a reference, the real work is unbiased, convincing the feasibility report, finally by the top-level decision making. Of course indispensable market test is a powerful basis for high-level decisions. Publicly reported, the recent global DianLanYe giant nexon group was established in the pudong district of Shanghai waigaoqiao formally put into production of the new plant, the spent million euro special cable production base is the enterprise established in China's largest joint venture, also marks the world advanced special cable will be produced in our country? ”; Demand for high-speed growth of Chinese cable market is quite attractive, high-end market is our long-term strategy ', Nike's global CEO said European competitions. The report said, the domestic medium and low-end market competition is fierce, but the high-end market, can be used for vessels, nuclear power, locomotive and aerospace special cable are all imported. Nexon company annual sales in Asia than increased by %, especially in China's annual sales reached. RMB, compared to nearly doubled. Nexon has been planning to further the goal of company in the future years, including setting up Asia technology research center, etc. For the news reports don't have to do much scrutiny, can understand, but can be expected to this investment has great impact to domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (smes). The company products bearing? ”; Zero risk 'use, for users, this is more than' three guarantees' more trust. 从该公司介绍的业绩来看,估计核电站用的部分电缆产品,在近期内甚至更长期内,可能垄断中国市畅国内不少中小型企业,纷纷试制核电站用E级K类电缆,忙于产品鉴定和入围,并不在技术和质量上狠下功夫,假如产品入围'门槛'不断提高,仍有出局的危险。 As for the E K class cable schedule of domestic self-sufficiency, it is difficult to determine. 特种电缆发展热只是个例,希望下一个行业规划,能有力地促进总体技术进步,能使十五年后的总体面貌有所改观,这个过程是十分艰巨的。 How to improve the overall level is also a very difficult research topic, whether in the LiTi research appropriate choices at an early date. Hope that 15 years later China cable manufacturing is not only a huge industry dispersed and capacity, also should be a relatively concentrated and the excellent quality of industry.
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