Special cable market: domestic manufacturer of new business opportunities

by:AAA     2020-04-21
( Industry news] Special cable market: domestic manufacturer of new business opportunities BSCRM P as the country's emphasis on the construction of infrastructure, such as urban transformation, expansion and interconnection of power grid, the development of the information superhighway, booming of communication, and upgrading of electrical equipment and the requirement of energy conservation, and even the development of the Midwest and the development of small and medium-sized cities, wire and cable market in the next few years will be brought along. Among them, the special cable market stand out, is attracting more and more attention. Due to the people's attention to safety, environmental and other factors, Marine cable, security fire cable, rolling stock cable and cable of nuclear power station with cable and other special application more and more get the welcome of people. These with a thermoplastic insulation or crosslinking polyethylene insulation special cable has light weight, small volume, low smoke, zero halogen, fire prevention features, so easy to install, environmental protection, fire prevention and safety. In the event of a fire, smoke emission, gas release quantity is extremely low, non-corrosive, can give people escape to win precious time. Infrastructure and construction projects in our country is numerous, its fire retardant cable market is there is a huge potential development space. According to statistics, China's market demand of fire retardant cable in the market is about $, years of about million dollars. Many important international event being held in China ( Such as year Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai world expo and the Asian games in guangzhou, etc. ) Will increase the number of high quality and high security of construction projects, which further increases the market demand for fire retardant cable special cable. On the other hand, while the development of China's locomotive vehicle wire and cable market slowly, but with the booming of China's urban subway construction, expect the market has huge development potential in the coming year. At present, the traditional cable market competition situation in China is already in full swing, and facing oversupply problems, however, in special cable market is facing almost vacant. Face the are the development of the market, how to seize the domestic manufacturers need to consider problems, maybe, because develop the Chinese market has become the general cable manufacturers at home and abroad is an important component of marketing strategy.
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