Special cable domestic demand rapid warming

by:AAA     2020-04-13
( Industry news] Special cable xianlan P domestic demand rapid warming in recent years, with the rapid development of national economy, special cable demand sharp growth. Shipbuilding, railways, aircraft, aerospace, petroleum, chemical, metallurgy and nuclear power industries such as the demand of special cable increases year by year. Due to the expansion of the market capacity, special cable also ushered in the good development opportunity: oil drilling rig needs more than a year. Thousands of kilometers; High demand more than iron. And such as railway signal cable, Marine cable, car wire, mine cable, special cable, such as plane cable more rising at an annual rate of tens of thousands of kilometers. Compared with ordinary cables, special cables industry competition is more orderly and prospects are wider, because of the special cable completely different cable, need for specific purposes in specific situations, required high temperature resistant, resistant to acid and alkali, termite resistance, corrosion resistance and radiation resistance. All in all, high technical content, application field of new, high barriers to entry, also promotes the development of enterprises and improve. National advocacy of energy conservation and emissions reduction, green development, also provided special cable with new development opportunity. Such as the national smart grid construction, to arguments from planning, implement step by step, every step is inseparable from the special cable. The urban and rural power grids transform large area, the application of high-pressure extra-high voltage cable, new energy power station construction, and other emerging areas of special requirements, also for the special cable industry has injected vitality of booming development.
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