Spain's telefonica announced the deployment - the United States Brazil's new submarine cable

by:AAA     2020-04-15
( Industry news] Telefonica announced the deployment of the new Brazilian cable atltech P telefonica announced the deployment of the new cable penny @ caledoniancables Brazil. Com recently, Spain's telefonica announced the deployment of a new submarine cable, called 'BRUSA' connects Rio DE janeiro, Brazil and fortaleza to SAN Juan, Puerto Rico and the virgin, the beach of the United States. Long km submarine cables put into operation earlier this year, is expected to become Spain's telefonica recently formed part of the global infrastructure branch Telxius. Telefonica, said BRUSA submarine cable will greatly improve communication reliability and deliver enhanced flexibility. Submarine cable is two largest economies in the americas, the minimum redundant communication links between the United States and Brazil, one of than before deployment system can provide greater flexibility and expansibility. Recently, Spain's telefonica by deploying the Pacific Caribbean submarine cable system to consolidate its infrastructure in the americas. In addition, the company also manage Uruguay Argentina Unisur submarine cable and connection of America, the Caribbean, central and South America SAM submarine cables. Telefonica global optical fiber submarine cable network coverage than km, km connecting the United States, the americas and Europe. ( Reprint please indicate the article source: British gloria Tony Caledonian cables) British gloria Tony ( Caledonian) Cable co. , LTD. , Shanghai office contact person: ms zou email penny @ caledoniancables. ComQQSkypepenny_ company website HTTP / / WWW. caledoniancable。 com( Chinese) http / / www。 caledoniancables。 es( Spanish) Facebook:https//www. facebook。 com/CaledonianCablesLtd/
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