South China international wire and cable materials and equipment exhibition (2011)

by:AAA     2020-04-25
( Industry news] South China international exhibition on wire and cable materials and equipment a P south China international exhibition on wire and cable materials and equipment supporting products, wire and cable is power industry application in the electric power, coal, petroleum, metallurgy, communications, transportation, national defense and other fields, is an industry correlation degree is higher. The development of wire and cable industry relies on the national economy development, especially the power industry and the development of communication industry. In recent years, with the state electricity, construction, petroleum, electronic communications, the rapid development of transportation industry, and 'sanjin' project, the information highway construction, and promote the rapid development of wire and cable, optical fiber cable. Wire and cable industry has a broad development prospects. Increase the advanced equipment, improve product quality, meet the market demand, to resist foreign product impact is the top priority. South China - China's economy the most active, the most prosperous region, is the demand of the electric wire electric cable base. Dongguan - as southern China's largest and most important industrial production base, the world famous factory of the world, rising international manufacturing city, international trade as one of the most active city; Axis location is located in the pearl river delta urban agglomeration, guangzhou port gold economic corridor in the middle. Unique geographical advantage and advanced technology strength, with huge market potential and strong industrial base. The 21st century today, as the world's largest developing country, China in manufacturing hot investment into a high-speed development track, the pearl river delta as the largest in south China's most important r&d and manufacturing base, has created the huge market space for wire and cable industry. To strengthen production enterprise comprehensive communication with customers, satisfy the demand of the market, by guangdong information transmission cable production, innovation alliance, wire and cable industry association and other units in dongguan in dongguan international convention and exhibition center held on date: 'south China international wire and cable materials and equipment exhibition' the exhibition will deepen the connotation of the activity, promote the development of industry, service for the enterprise purpose, for merchants to provide a display development, enterprise trade partners, to expand the brand publicity and promotion of enterprise products, communication technology provides a dynamic interaction with the domestic and international famous enterprises the best platform, to create the industry communication, cooperation and development of new opportunities! U wire and cable equipment nano molding machine plastic extruder extruding machine tin machine grinder pelleting machine winding machine automatic packing machine article injection machine, cold water machine dryer package paper machine take-up machine rainbow ribbon cable cable printing equipment motorized rolling ring machine copper conductor cable conveyor equipment copper powder filter single winch cable machine wire covered wire drawing machine cable bridge frame tractor hoist wire cutting machine and wire back the lighter enameled wire machine knitting machine twisted-pair crossover machine printing machine, bag machine tension painted machine cable packaging equipment such as wire and cable material copper and aluminum plastic rubber film tin wire PVC/PE/PP composite materials with cable wires nylon polyester with copper clad aluminum wire insulation material block water polyene material hot melt adhesive mixing rubber filling rope twisted wire fire-resistant cable mica tape bare copper wire copper clad steel wire drawing lubricant oil marking ink mixing u testing instrument, measurement and control technology such as counters, temperature measurement and control equipment torque control equipment tension measuring device resistance to friction losses voltage tester bending machine plus sulfur painted formers cremation machine cable measuring device and optical fiber cable equipment and materials: optical fiber optical fiber secondary coating welding machine production line painted color machine grinding machine cutting pliers, etc to support cable equipment and materials, components, production and processing of the complete equipment, instruments, etc. 【 The expense 】 And the booth fee: domestic exhibitors: m * m inside standard booths: RMB yuan/a; Net to ( Square meters of the) Overseas exhibitors: RMB yuan/m: m * m inside standard booths: USD $/ a; Net to ( M of the) ; Standard: (USD $/ m subsidies Each standard booth) Director: more than yuan member: note: double opening booth is an extra charge of %. Equipped with standard booths: three white surrounding board, one table, folding chair, fluorescent lamp, Chinese lintel board, platform covered with carpet, power outlet, Amp/v) A. Note: other facilities, customers can bring their own or for booking in advance. Every space-unit, the organizing committee by special decoration management fee RMB yuan/m collection. The login details of south China wire mesh: WWW. dgcables。 com
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