South China cable industry no. 1 ready to launch!

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] South China cable industry no. 1 ready to launch! A no. 1 P south China cable industry ready to launch! Guangzhou international cable show, their power and for the green cable industry is the industry of 'GZ WIRE& Wire CABLE EXPO guangzhou exhibition 'will be in the years to the day be held in guangzhou, China import and export commodities trading hall. Exhibition this year will be 'green manufacturing, connecting the future' as the theme, with the global environmental protection consciousness enhancement, the use of green materials, energy conservation and emissions reduction machinery gradually into industry development direction. To promote the role of the green mechanical and environmental protection material and contribution, guangzhou cable exhibition will show a series of green rubber and plastic materials and energy-saving machinery, let the audience understand the latest development of energy-saving, environmental protection cable industry situation. Product category is numerous, wire and cable industry application range is very wide, involved in electric power, building, communication, manufacturing and other industries, is closely related to every part of the national economy. Wire and cable also referred to as the 'artery' and 'nerve' of the national economy, is the transmission power, information and manufacturing various electrical machinery, instruments, meters, realization of electromagnetic energy conversion are indispensable basic equipment, is the foundation of the future society need of electrification and informationization products. Especially rapidly developing countries like China, infrastructure and facilities of the construction of the large demand is self-evident. After wind and rain continuous cable expo in competition breakthrough yourself! Guangzhou international cable show exhibitors will be fully show a variety of wire and cable manufacturing equipment, advanced detection instruments and raw and auxiliary materials, including the display of energy-saving equipment enterprises: hefei, chaur lung machinery, in accordance with the code, what could be an electrician, letter lung machinery, Taiwan shun alum, intellectual han electrician, dongguan chung, hundred million new precision machine, foshan and jin chengguo border, chang an xi gold, nayyar electrician, ding long electrician, tianjin day line, guangzhou hong hui, Thai is Ethernet wire machinery, Shanghai dragon, etc. ; On green material or technology: theo nuclear materials, dow chemical, shenzhen manley, hangzhou jie er, chemical engineering, guangzhou, superior to chang, delta, tianrui chemical, etc. As approaches, the exhibition industry to 'GZ WIRE& CABLE, CABLE 'exhibition EXPO guangzhou see forward to. After almost a year of intense preparations seriously, organisers assembly in the exhibitors, exhibition and audience each work has entered the final sprint stage. Well-known exhibitors from many countries and regions will be hand in hand to meet, from more than more than 20 countries and regions of the professional audience. For common organization and promotion work, welcome the from all walks of life to give guidance, the exhibition to give more valuable opinions. Here, the organizing committee sincerely to the strong support of the cable expo and cooperate with the unit to express our heartfelt thanks to you for! Relevant details please consult the exhibition in guangzhou bo optimal exhibition service co. , LTD. Hotline: contact person: li website: HTTP / / WWW. buexpo。 com Email buexpo@. com
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