Some thoughts on transformation and upgrading of the wire and cable industry

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] Some thoughts on wire and cable industry transformation and upgrading of dghaotong P is the world's largest wire and cable producer in China, the global output ranked the first real year million. Wire and cable industry has developed rapidly, the supporting function of the industrial economy has become increasingly apparent. According to the data shows, more than ten years, wire and cable industry output value of annual growth of more than %, affected by the financial crisis has slowed growth in wire and cable and some emerging industries such as polysilicon overheated investment, such as redundant construction is also a wake-up call for cable industry, it is imperative to industry transformation and upgrading, transformation and upgrading of wire DianLanYe depend on what? Attaches great importance to the improvement of 'soft power' is the key of 'soft power' has become the soul of the enterprise competitiveness, is the enterprise core competitiveness of the real. First, the standard is our standard of short board, is not only the comprehensive product technical performance, is also the technical means of competitive strategy. When we and the world manufacturing power challenge, when we looked in the global economy began, when domestic production capacity of structural surplus, the scale of many enterprises began to enter the foreign market, we find that foreign economic system in addition to a series of barriers to trade protection, often through the establishment of technical standards to set up the technical barriers. Technical barriers also let we pay enough production costs and marketing costs. Calculation, we may still be labor hard make money. Enter the American market by UL certification, go to Europe, to comply with the eu standards; There is even a European industry standard institutions will be revised once every two years, and then launch a new version, the purpose is very clear is to make you turn around them in the standards. This is the mountain. Is a completely different western countries with China as a forerunner of the private ownership of the country, the 'IEC' standard initially was born in a single business owners a product of the territory. They just earlier with market competition, international competition strategic consciousness. The awakening of consciousness, is one of the important factors in national, regional differences. We don't compete against multinational companies in China, but we also should learn to compete with them technology strategy. If China's own international bidding of large projects, also set up in accordance with the technical terms of the 'GB, the future market competition advantage will be evident. The crux of the problem is our standard far couldn't keep up with demand from emerging industry, emerging markets change. With industry development prospects of wind power, nuclear power, photoelectric composite, the forefront of a lot of products such as smart grid, there is no 'GB standard of early intervention. Market and corporate relationship is like water and fish. Although we also dark ripe market in standard, we also do not need to blame 'GB' whether to keep up with the pace of China's economic development in order to wire and cable huge market, also for the Chinese cable play stood economy into the global market, we need more standard competition consciousness and national bear responsibility consciousness. Second, pay attention to independent innovation, enhance the consciousness of the patent. Patents and innovation consciousness is the embodiment of soft power. Our country is still in the middle of industrialization, facing the new test on the innovation ability. At present, domestic enterprises have less high gold content of a patent for invention, the patent for utility model is more; Can multinationals tend to apply for patent are generally a patent for invention, you can see the gap between domestic companies and transnational group. In addition, the data shows, if calculated according to per capita, China's patent is only in developed countries. The left and right sides. Thus, we improve the patent application is necessary. In general, the backbone of the industry's top companies, patent data to rise faster, technology advantage is obvious. On the contrary, in the process of operation, do not take the enterprise of protection for intellectual property rights, enterprises need to rights protection etc will encounter many difficulties, it is worth noting that the enterprise should combine cable industry products, the status quo, broadening the open field of vision of science and technology, pay attention to the world wire and cable industry source independent technology innovation, integration of information resources, spare no effort to promote the technology innovation, so as to have more independent significance of patent technology, patent products. At the same time, the organic combination of patented technology and production, to raise the transformation rate of patent results patent technology to eventually translate into productivity, enhance the enterprise competitiveness. < DIV > < /DIV>
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