some important facts about wires and cables

by:AAA     2021-01-13
It\'s wires and cables that help you to power your electricity at home.Whether it\'s a fuse box, circuit breaker panel or any appliance placed indoors or outdoors, wires and cables can keep the power through them.It\'s wires and cables that help you to power your electricity at home.Whether it\'s a fuse box, circuit breaker panel or any appliance placed indoors or outdoors, wires and cables can keep the power through them.Although wires and cables can be used interchanged, they are different from each other.If you distinguish them according to technical features, the wire means a single conductor, and the cable means a wire harness.Use different types of wires and cables in different electrical applications.The installation methods of these cables are also different.If you are going to buy wires and cables online or offline for your electrical project, it will be better if you get some firstHand information about their various types and features.In this article, we will discuss the wires and cables in detail.1.When buying a wire, you should always pay attention to three factors.These are: the label information line always has some information printed on the label.Please be sure to read it carefully as this information can help you choose the right wires for your home.This information is usually included.THHN or THWN: these letters point to individual wires used in residential applications.Let\'s see what these letters explain.T represents thermal plastic insulation and H represents heat resistance.The second H represents heat resistance up to 194Fahrenheit and W mean it can be used in wet places.Last but not least N means that the wire can-Not damaged by oil or gas.Material: other information provided by the label is the type of material.Now most of the wires have copper material and therefore have the \"CU\" symbol.Voltage Rating: You can also check the maximum voltage it can carry on the label.Meter: in addition to the rated voltage, material type and application, you can also find out the wire size by checking the meter on its label.The colors used for residential wiring are black, blue and red and are always hot.The white wire is neutral while the green wire and copper wire are always used for ground wiring.The application performs different types of wiring for different purposes.So if you are about to start your home cabling project, please take the advice of the local building inspector.2.Use different types of cables in different applications.So before buying them for your home, it would be better if you collected information about different types of cables and features.NM-B. Cable: NM in most residential wiring-Use the B cable.These are non-Metal cables capable of carrying up to 194 heat-F. F., covered with PVC sheath.This rating of the cables indicates that they can work with a certain amount of heat without overheating and creating a potential safety hazard.UFIDA cable: like NM-B. cables but for underground and wet areas.Though, UFIDA cable looks like NM-B. The cable is embedded in thermoplastic plastic.UFIDA cables of various specifications are available on the market.Coaxial cable: also known as coaxial cable, these metal cables are used for signal transmission and connection of video equipment.Cables cable: also known as CAT-5e, these distortions-Pair the cable used to connect the phone and computer network.These cables, also known as Ethernet cables, consist of 4 pairs of copper wires.Armored cables: These cables are usually used in new residential construction, but are also widely used in old houses.Also known as BX, the price of armored cables on the market is high and can only be used for indoor purposes.Metal-Cladding cables: like the cables above, these cables are also rated for indoor use and cannot be used outdoors.You can buy wires and cables online from many online suppliers.They offer not only cables, but also all types of electrical products.Whether you want to buy switches or sockets online, you can also buy them from these suppliers.
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