Solar photovoltaic industry pilot work will be good for poverty alleviation

by:AAA     2020-04-06
( Industry news] Solar photovoltaic industry pilot work will be good for poverty alleviation globledata P recently, photovoltaic energy bureau promulgated the pilot implementation plan for poverty alleviation preparation outline ( Amendments) ', the full implementation of the photovoltaic industry and poverty alleviation and development policies of the State Council, the implementation of the photovoltaic pilot for poverty alleviation work in six cities and provinces. 'Outline', according to the photovoltaic (pv) pilot projects for poverty alleviation 'in order to solve poor without labor ability as the pilot work target, according to the province photovoltaic clearly in the pilot work plan for poverty alleviation work principle, and pilot counties photovoltaic poverty alleviation work plan, clear the province pv pioneer number for poverty alleviation, photovoltaic project construction scale and layout. 'From the' outline 'put forward by the photovoltaic poverty alleviation pilot construction scheme, this scheme can be divided into household distributed photovoltaic mode, based on the barren hill slope, and various scale photovoltaic power station mode based on photovoltaic mode of three kinds of agricultural facilities. In the aspect of construction schedule and requirements, three schemes are, in principle, to be completed by the end of the pilot project construction, and puts forward the construction of the pilot project, acceptance and operation plan. In the aspect of policy measures, 'outline', according to the combination of the pioneer, the provinces to local government plans to take the matching policy support, mainly includes the way of funding and support the province grid scale, the fiscal and taxation policy, professional service system, and safeguard measures in aspects of market regulation, photovoltaic poverty alleviation project effectively implementing overall security and stability, and provide various has enacted or proposed support policy, plan or the relevant supporting documents. Among them, the matching funds and fiscal and taxation policy can be reference for: by the local government for household use and based on agricultural facilities pv % initial investment subsidies for poverty alleviation projects, for large % initial investment subsidies for power station on the ground, countries according to the proportion of the initial investment subsidies configuration; Household and agricultural facilities based photovoltaic QiNian pilot work on the loan for poverty alleviation, enjoy full bank earnings, large ground QiNian power station on the loan, enjoy full bank earnings.
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