'So-called' special cable of the township 'will be changed to the market

by:AAA     2020-04-04
( Industry news] Inaction billed as 'the hometown of special cable will be changed to' the city of wuhu in anhui province has a P county, is located in the central and southern anhui, the Yangtze river north shore, chaohu lake in the north, south and wuhu, tongling, song dynasty with linan, yangzhou, ShouChun said 'China's four big city'. It has a very open-minded name, called inaction, taken from 'content with nothing in the world, non-interference. Wuwei county in recent years, the development is very rapid, as the famous 'township of cable' in our country, the county has initially formed more than ten billion yuan in wire and cable industry cluster as group leader, ship manufacturing, agricultural and sideline products deep processing as complementary system of the eight leading industries. Start in the last century s inaction wire and cable industry, always adhere to go the way of bigger and stronger, the transformation and upgrading, after years of development, has formed by the high ditch town as the center, radiation yao ditch, mud branch, no city in the town of industrial cluster, is the most mature in anhui province, one of the most typical and the most active industry cluster, it is also one of wuhu four pillar industries, the first industry of inaction, scale among the four second wire and cable industry base. For now, nothing special cable processing and supporting entrepreneurs, including rules on entrepreneur, group of entrepreneurs, weapons and equipment make grinders units registered qualified entrepreneurs, tax revenue exceeds ten million yuan of entrepreneurs, more than one hundred million yuan output value of over RMB one hundred million yuan of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs. Total assets of more than one hundred million yuan, can produce thousands of kilometers, more than the industry practitioners. Products for the aerospace cable, cable, fiber optic cable used in ocean engineering, railway digital signal cable, new energy use cable, flexible cable, power cable, control cable, rare earth alloy, environmental protection, military cable and other special cables cable is given priority to, is widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power, metallurgy, transportation, steel, mine, electric, military, aerospace and other high-tech fields, sold more than national provincial, city, district, and exported to Europe and the United States, some countries and regions such as southeast Asia and Africa. In recent years, doing nothing cable keep steady development trend of industrial development, annual output growth %, effectively support the county territory economy development. Successively won the 'national torch plan nothing special cable industry base', 'national special cable industry well-known brand demonstration zone', 'national new industrialization demonstration base', 'national special wire and cable products quality improvement project', etc, make special cable without a gold-lettered signboard.
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