Skagerrak four ultrahigh pressure HVDC lines between all finished

by:AAA     2020-04-03
( Industry news] Skagerrak fully complete the ultrahigh pressure HVDC lines between zhdljyw P & lt; div【> The cable network news 】 (date) (month) (year), article of the ABB group between the successful delivery of Norway, Denmark (high voltage direct current transmission line HVDC) 。 To date, the original plan skagerrak article between the ultrahigh pressure HVDC lines all finished. < / div > < Div > ABB power systems business, qin said, head of ABB pioneered the high-voltage direct current transmission technology and constant innovation, has unique advantages in the industry, can produce all the key high-voltage direct current transmission components, including power semiconductors, inverter, converter transformer and high voltage cable. < / div > < div > & lt; / div > < Div >, ABB has completed skagerrak transmission system delivery of all lines, including the delivery of the last century s, gera, and line, in the skagerrak delivered line, as well as the delivery of the line. Among them, the line is about kilometers long, mw transmission capacity. < / div > < div > & lt; / div > < Div > according to introducing, in the light HVDC transmission technology, on the basis of ABB provides the skagerrak number line two megawatts of VSC station. The new line and the line according to the dual polarity mode. Number lines were used the advanced current source type high-voltage direct current transmission technology ( LCCHVDC) 。 Skagerrak line for kv voltage level, the voltage source inverter ( VSC) 。 < / div > < div > & lt; / div > < Div > this is the first time that the world will be two kinds of direct current transmission technology in bipolar mode connection. ABB advanced MACH control system, can be used in variable flow control between the two ways of transformation. < / div > < div > & lt; / div > < Div > ABB reported that kv VSC future will create a more application fields, particularly with ABB kv last year the new extrusion insulation high-voltage dc cable system matching to use. The new cable system, can make the transmission capacity multiplied, and can greatly extend the transmission distance, make more grid-connected renewable energy possible. < /div>
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