'Six growth point' for wire DianLanYe development

by:AAA     2020-04-26
( Industry news] 'Six growth' urges dianxianji P wire DianLanYe development since the reform and opening, obtained a rapid development of economy in our country, the heavy industry has developed rapidly and become the pillar of the national economy, and the importance of heavy industry products cable also has the very good development prospect. Wire and cable industry has a huge market space, become the focus of investment bank. At present, China's cable industry development is rapid, pattern has obvious changes, private enterprise has become the leading role of wire and cable industry, there are six growth is the main point of promoting wire DianLanYe development, worthy of attention and investment bank. The six growth mainly power grids, telecommunications, construction, automotive, railway, ship. First, the construction of hydropower station in the west and China and the formation of a unified national grid, bring opportunities to the development of overhead lines and power cable. Second, the telecommunications industry continues to develop, will promote the sustainable development of telecommunication cable and optical fiber cable. Third, the construction industry at the beginning of the century become a pillar industry of our country, brings to the construction lines and electrical equipment with wire bigger business opportunities in the fourth, auto industry become a new economic growth point in China, the rapid development make automotive cable and enameled wire. Fifth, China's railway equipment level of ascension, for electric locomotives copper alloy contact wire, rolling stock yarn, winding wire, cable, provides market data transmission cables, etc. Sixth, the development of the shipbuilding industry will bring opportunities to Marine cable, and upgrading of shipboard cable will be faster. The six industry is major growth point in the development of wire and cable, wire DianLanYe or investment banking should pay close attention to.
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